Coach carter is a good ass movie, and it's based on a TRUE story. S/o to Oakland's cousin Richmond 😂 Bay Area, yeee! 🤟🏿

Christiana was last seen on March 30, 2018 in San Marcos, . She may still be in the local area or she may travel to other cities in the state of California.

Newsom tells residents stay inside but yah it’s ok for the grass cutters to work there special. In my complex everybody is inside but the landscaping crew is working blowing crap everywhere while my neighbors Shop is a loss

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🆘 LISTED💥 💥 TO BE KILLED URGENT! 🆘BALDWIN PARK SHELTER DOGS 💥PLS SHARE! WESSEL- Germ Shep (M) 5yrs This Boy Needs out So He Can Experience Love & A Family. ❤ 🤗 More⬇️

Yep! Remember can do no wrong it's always someone else fault. Northern doesn't look like this.

Here's a clip of a charming Arboreal I filmed in my brother's garden a couple years back. These handsome devils have sharp teeth & surprisingly powerful jaws, and eat pretty much anything they can hork down, including lots of smaller salamanders. YUM.

Here’s the official memo revealing that the US donated 17.8 TONS of crucial medical supplies, including”masks, gowns, gauze, and RESPIRATORS” in February. Meanwhile, Gov says got BROKEN ventilators.🤬

BREAKING: San Joaquin County now surpasses 100 cases of COVID-19 as another person dies from the virus.

Whose idea was it NOT to implement cost of living differentials? While $1200 maybe pays rent and groceries in Tupelo, Mississippi ...it doesn't even pay HALF the rent in NY, WA or . ...you know...the states getting hit hardest. Way to drop the ball ALL of you!

main hospital chain has banned nurses from wearing their own N95 masks. They seem to be desperate to get the virus to spread more. Crazy things going on in the USA & absolutely shocking how badly unprepared the USA is with these kinds of things.

😱OMG...When a teen became ill, his parents took him to an urgent care center and were *turned away because he didn't have health insurance*. The 17 year old later DIED from .

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