Just wrapped a phone interview with about , , , golf, giving back to the community, trans student athletes and looking back at some early missteps after coming out 5 years ago this June. Tomorrow in

So excited to have Caitlyn Jenner on our show tonight BBC ONE 9:15 & RTE ONE 9:45

Hold on... That medal 🥇 doesn’t belong to . We are commanded to believe this is a completely new person. According to the ideology this is NOT the person who won at the in 1976. If “BJ” is “dead”, that medal should be in the casket. Right?

So incredible to present with her portrait created in lipstick/kisses 💋💄 watching her inspirational Q&A with at was a privilege!

I think it’s time! In 2020 I would love to read a Kris Jenner autobiography! It would sell real well!

So sad to hear about not being met by any friends or family members no matter who u are this Journey to be accepted is not easy and we all need support and love she did well and I believe changed a lot of peoples opinions well done

Fuck the Jenners. Nobody’s too rich or famous to go and meet their family after not seeing them for 3 weeks. Poor things 70 years old, absolutley bossed it in the jungle and had nobody meeting her on the other side of that bridge.

Wow no words.. why was nobody there for caitlyn leaving the jungle 💔💔💔

Me on my way to collect from the jungle bridge 😭

Urgh, awkward? Did not have anyone meet her as she left, or did they just not show it? Considering the size of the family she has, it’s pretty shitty if nobody was there.

How about I’m so proud of my dad so sad to see her come out on her own 😔

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