I should be on my way to to see for my first time right now. I’ll have to settle for a night binge of YouTube, which is not really any different than any other night.

Does he know that he's intimidated af 👀👀👀 min yoongi here's a fact!!!

« BTS INFO 📑 » V is now the most korean solo artist to get first place in iTunes with Sweet Night (with 87 countries) surpassing PSY

Kim Taehyung breaking a 7 years world record without any promos. He told us. He told us he was gonna take over the world. And he did it. So proud of u taetae, congratulation!

Bless his heart. Sometimes he's like a 🐯& sometimes he looks like he does in the vid below. I'm sure the rest of the boys will clue him in, if he hasn't read all the posts already. Congrats . You're the best.

📊 Korean Soloist with Most #1 on iTunes #1. PSY (Gangnam Style) -- 86 #2. V (Sweet Night) -- 85*

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