. chairman Mark Tucker claimed it could face reprisals in if was blocked from selling 5G gear for networks being built by ’s mobile operators in private representations to Boris Johnson’s advisers

76 years ago today, my Dad parachuted into Normandy. He, and many who fought to fight fascism, were so pleased that we built a framework for democracy and cooperation in Europe after the war. He will be turning in his grave about walking out of it.

Our "Fallen Giant" in Prestatyn 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧 Always loved this massive piece of art 👍 I wonder what one of the Roman soldiers stationed here, would have made of it? 🤔

Thank you, American, Canadian and British heroes for your courage and sacrifice and for liberating us from Nazi-tyranny.

A passenger covered with a plastic bag is seen at Luton Airport in .

, you have killed more people in Nigeria because of your selfish interest, your own generation will suffer! Free is what we need.

Not going to join in the gushing here until I properly understand why you supported the cunts in the first place. I'm 50 & have never lived through a period wherein the Tories made "better" so I'm intrigued to learn why you supported them. DM me. 👍

Im exactly the same! And yesterday had a reply to a tweet telling me “I’m part of the problem” I refuse to apologise for being white, middle aged and wanting to retain its culture! The Liberal left woke Numpty’s are destroying the world!

Breaching off , November last year. Probably the most spectacular encounter I’ve ever had. This weeks sightings off reminded me of this epic day. Fantastic to see these magnificent creatures doing so well and becoming more regular in

. began his term as PM promising a ‘Global ’. We are now the laughing stock of the world...

Excellent article in on the case for granting full British citizenship to the people of . has a duty to these people, as it had to the soldiers of the - RT for the PM to fulfill it now as Britain did then.

Not safe to work but Safe enough to protest. Wonder what does this have to do with ?

During lockdown. We saw kindness, the importance & love friends, family, strangers. Our army, nhs, police, firemen, delivery drivers, shop workers etc who moved heaven & earth to keep our country moving. This is the I know and love. Nothing & no one will change that 🇬🇧

Biafra has be in existence before the evil foundation zoo animalistic entity formed by ... Do more research from the year 1662 till date and understand by yourself. Please help , we have suffer in Nigeria

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