[MUST BE KNOWN]‼️⁉️ . . . 1. PHYSICAL ABUSE Memang kadang perilaku abusive yang satu ini tidak selalu menyakitkan atau meninggalkan bekas namun tetap saja ini bukan merupakan hal yang benar untuk di lakukan. 2. EMOTIONAL ABUSE Abusive Relationship yang satu ini sering kali diabaikan dan banyak yang tidak memahami bahwa perilaku seperti Overprotective atau perilaku lain yang membuatmu tidak merasa nyaman dan tertekan merupakan salah satu jenis Abusive Relationship yang bedampak kepada kesehatan mental mu. 3. FINANCIAL ABUSE Sering ditandai dengan perilaku pasangan mu yang sangat mengatur tentang hal hal apa saja yang harus kamu beli atau memaksa untuk mengetahuii dan mengkontrol bank account mu dan memakai uang mu tanpa izin. #abusiverelationship   #loveisrespect   #bravewins   #speakup   #befree  

[MUST BE KNOWN]‼️⁉️ . . . 4. DIGITAL ABUSE Perilaku Digital abusive bisa juga terjadi dalam bentuk verbal seperti Hinaan, Fitnah, Hoax, Pembullyan,serta menyebarkan percakapan dengan pasangan yang di sebarkan melalui media sosial. 5. SEXUAL ABUSE Perlu di ketahui apabila kalian tidak bilang “TIDAK”bukan berati kalian bilang “IYA”. Ketahuilah bahwa tidak menolak atau diam saat keadaan ini terjadi juga merupakan bentuk dari abusive relationship dimana korban susah untuk speak up dengan keadaannya #abusiverelationship   #loveisrespect   #bravewins   #speakup   #befree  

DID YOU KNOW? . . Bentuk Abusive Relationship Tidak Hanya Berupa Kekerasan Fisik. #abusiverelationship   #loveisrespect   #bravewins   #speakup   #befree  

DID YOU KNOW? . . Bentuk Abusive Relationship Tidak Hanya Berupa Kekerasan Fisik. #abusiverelationship   #loveisrespect   #bravewins   #speakup   #befree  

DID YOU KNOW? . . Bentuk Abusive Relationship Tidak Hanya Berupa Kekerasan Fisik. #abusiverelationship   #loveisrespect   #bravewins   #speakup   #befree  

Abusive Relationship sangat memperngaruhi cara berfikir dan kesehatan mental dan fisik. . Kenali jenis jenis Abusive Relationship di sekitar mu dan beranilah untuk melawan . Speak Up and Be Free Cause Brave Wins #abusiverelationship   #loveisrespect   #bravewins   #speakup   #befree  

Abusive Relationship sangat berpengaruh dengan kesehatan mental dan sangat mempengaruhi pola pikir. . Kenalilah bentuk Abusive Relationship di sekitarmu dan mulai lah menyayangi dirimu sendiri Dare to Speak Up . Speak Up and Be Free Cause Brave Wins #abusiverelationship   #loveisrespect   #bravewins   #speakup   #befree  

Abusive Relationship tidak hanya menghancurkan kesehatan mental namun juga mengganggu pola pikir dan kesehatan. . . Cegah Abusive Relationship dengan kenali bentuk bentuknya . Just Speak Up and Be Free Cause Brave wins #abusiverelationship   #loveisrespect   #bravewins   #speakup   #befree  

If you can help one along the way then your living will not be in vain . When i started this Community project @oca_2019 a lot of people took it for a joke , some said it wouldn’t go anywhere. Fast forward to a month plus later we now have completed 60% of phase 1. As a United community we have accomplished what in one month what others have failed to achieve for over 30years.The work continues I won’t stop until it’s completed. bravewins @andrewholnessjm @garryslowley8 @oca_2019 #workcontinues   #community  

If you can help one along the way then your living will not be in vain . When i started this Community project @oca_2019 a lot of people took it for a joke , some said it wouldn’t go anywhere. Fast forward to a month plus later we now have completed 60% of phase 1. As a United community we have accomplished what in one month what others have failed to achieve for over 30years.The work continues I won’t stop until it’s completed. bravewins @andrewholnessjm @garryslowley8 @oca_2019 #workcontinues   #community  

When your extended Gillifam comes to town, you lunch. #bravewins  

BE BRAVE #bebrave   #bravewins  

She was never quite ready, but she was brave. And the universe listens to brave. 💖🙌🏼🙏🏼 . #neverready   #brave   #mood   #woman   #boss   #vibes   #doingit   #wingingit   #womeninbusiness   #bravewins   #inthearena   #pushing   #harder   #everydamnday  

🥊 remember kids, brave still and always wins. #bravewins  

I’m fighting the negative voices that tell me I’m “not enough” in a multitude of categories in my life...the voices are creative, stealthy and eerily convincing. Can anyone else relate?? I’ve been facing a lot of rejection for several months now and at first it was fine but now I can see that I’m allowing it to spin me into a fear cycle and keep me from being brave. If I don’t put myself out there I won’t get rejected right? Sound familiar??🙋‍♀️ • I randomly selected a podcast by @amytangerine featuring @cathy.heller and i think it was divinely orchestrated for me today. It gave me reminders of specific “tools I have in my toolbox” but forgot about. Ima gonna use them tools to put up a fight! Watch me, it’s gonna happen. 👊🏻 • Also, FYI this piece on my desk above 👆🏻is available but it’s not on my website. DM me to purchase.

Two more days until the opening of A Very Big tinyartshow @suma_museum in Cedar City. 🎉🎉🎉. ••• Here are 3 of the flowers that will be in the show: poppy, coneflower and gentian violet. The flowers I chose are all native to or grow prolifically in my home province of New Brunswick, Canada. The poppy is my favorite, mostly because of its symbolism with Remembrance Day and growing up wearing a poppy on our lapel in November but also because it’s so delicate and tissue thin but so hearty and resilient. . ••• If you’re local come say 👋🏼 at the show on Friday I’d love to meet you...if you’re not local I will post more photos and all these tiny pieces will be available for purchase starting Friday. ✨

I ran out of my favorite Prussian green so I attempted to mix it with phthalo turquoise and Payne’s grey bluish. Although I managed to stain my hands in the process I think I nailed the color pretty well 👊🏻 Here’s to small victories on this lovely Tuesday. Also, speaking of small victories I just hit 7k followers yesterday in this wonderfully creative space of instagram...so I think it’s time for a giveaway don’t you? What would you like to see in the giveaway? Florals? Landscapes? Painting supplies? Oil painting? Abstracts? Holiday ornament? Comment below and let your voice be heard 👇🏻👇🏻 • • 🎶 by @staceykentofficial

We don’t endorse candidates, but this plan is a positive development, most of all because of 3. If and when insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid, and state-run alternatives, cover MMJ, we will be much closer to achieving health and economic equity in cannabis. But that has to include currently incarcerated individuals, who have a constitutional right to healthcare. @Regrann from @tahirarehm - Repost @kirstengillibrand ・・・ A state-by-state patchwork isn't enough to tackle the deeply rooted racial, social, and economic injustices within our marijuana laws, or to unleash the economic equity and opportunity of marijuana legalization. Let's fully legalize marijuana nationwide. . . . #cannabispolicy   #cannabiscommunity   #kirstengillibrand2020   #bravewins   #legalizeit   #womenincannabis  

We are Californians for Joe Biden, a group of Californians committed to doing everything possible to electing Joe Biden to be the 46th President of the United States! #bravewins   #joebiden   #joebiden2020   #2020   #biden2020   #anaheim   #biden   #democrat   #california   #norcal   #socal   #losangeles   #LA   #sandiego   #sanfrancisco   #sf   #bayarea   #sacramento   #fresno   #oakland   #sanjose   #eldoradohills   #folsom   #presidentbiden   #president   #stockton   #politics   #dublin   #eastbay  

This was the perfect time to meet my hero, @kirstengillibrand. With her presidential campaign suspended, it’s inspiring to hear how she continues to be a staunch advocate for women’s rights, and, perhaps more importantly, her role in helping women speak up and get off the sidelines. With the current political climate, hateful rhetoric, and new allegations against Kavanaugh, it’s an important time for women to speak up and be heard. Time to find your voice, and use it—and I’ll do the same. . . . #kirstengillibrand   #gillibrand2024   #impeachkavanaugh   #kavaNOPE   #thefutureisfemale   #girlpower   #bravewins   #offthesidelines   #women   #fierce   #hero   #strongwomen   #womensrightsarehumanrights   #humanrights   #lgbtqrights   #feminism   #equality   #senator   #newyork   #nyc   #acehotel   #ladiesgetpaid   #intersectionalfeminism   #believewomen   #believesurvivors   #IstandwithChristineBlaseyFord   #ChristineBlaseyFord   #AnitaHill   #liberal  

@kirstengillibrand left it all on the field! 🇺🇸 #bravewins   #thankyou   #nyc   newyorkcity @webersg

On my easel this morning ... studioscenes 🌱🌿🌺

What I did on my s̶u̶m̶m̶e̶r̶ ̶v̶a̶c̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ first presidential campaign. Swipe for some highlights, behind the scenes moments, and my (humiliating) debut on the campaign’s insta. Wouldn’t change a thing. bravewins 🇺🇸💕

And if I had a daughter who wanted to run for president, I’d tell her she should... because her voice matters. It’s been one week and I’ve been through a range of emotion, but I always come back to grateful. #BraveWins  

I'm feeling that I have reached the level of peaked queer. #BraveWins  

Feelin good as hell. Just some highlights. Thank you for all of it. 🇺🇸 #bravewins  

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who recently dropped out of the presidential race, ran what many dubbed the most outspokenly feminist campaign of the field. • • In a video announcing her decision to drop out she concluded, “We put the civil rights of women front and center and never backed down...We have moved the needle.” • • Gillibrand ran on what she called a “woman plus” platform; her slogan — “brave wins” referenced a children’s book she wrote profiling famous suffragists. • • One big roadblock in her campaign was the persistent focus given to her position on her former Senate colleague, Al Franken, who retired in 2017 following allegations of sexual harassment. Though candidates, including Warren and Harris, called for Franken to step down, Gillibrand moved first, earning herself the credit, and more visibly the blame, for the caucus-wide call. • • The Franken decision came up regularly in interviews throughout Senator Gillibrand’s campaign, demonstrating the serious backlash women candidates can face for attacking men in positions of power. • • In a NYT article, Professor Dittmar summarized, “The gender power dynamics don’t change completely simply because there are more women there... it takes the Gillibrands of the world, who are willing to take some of this flak, to make it easier for the women who come after them.” • • Thank you, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, for the campaign you run and the work you’ll continue to do. • • #feministvoices   #kirstengillibrand   #2020   #bravewins   #election   #democracy   #usa   #feminism   #intersectionalfeminism   #womeninpolitics   #womeninwashington   #democrats   #primaries   #senate   #congress   #metoo   #metoomvmt   #greennewdeal   #gunreformnow   #change   #progress   #powerfulwomen   #leadership   #herstory   #dailyherstory   #womensmarch   #believesurvivors   #believewomen  

Things I now know for sure: 1. Brave really does win, even if the timing doesn’t happen when you want it to 2. A day can become a lot better venting over a dinner of beer and mozzarella sticks. Several times a week 3. While watching 2019 news in airports you can get a lot of free snacks from strangers. Yes, it does help 4. They really delete twitter after being disabled for 30 days 5. Dry shampoo, extra chargers, and learning to do makeup while in transit will save you 6. And extra work clothes for when your makeup explodes on you before a debate or you spill the Senators coffee on your white dress before a press event 7. Be kind to everyone, even if you don’t need something. They can tell. Everyone is a voter! 8. Good intentions can be hard to receive when people don’t realize they’re projecting their own 9. Yoga everyday 10. It’s a lot easier to deal with the world when you’re working for someone you don’t doubt will do the right thing Winning doesn’t always look like you think it will She convinced me to join the team with 2 hours and 2 glasses of whiskey each. I didn’t like hers and she didn’t like mine. We both played sports, liked whiskey, and wanted to change the world. But what really “got” me was how much she “got it.” She knew my perspective and how I got here. I didn’t have to explain My mom reminded me when I took this job I said “If I’m going to do this it will have to be someone who I believe in. Win or lose, I want to be glad I did this. I think and hope I will.” And I do. That’s a good feeling. bravewins Ps. And always bring a notebook

New profile picture. A profile of courage and bravery. @kirstengillibrand #BraveWins   #kirstengillibrand  

It’s been a privilege- thanks boss! #bravewins  

Wouldn’t have gone on this wild ride for anyone else. I’ll always have your back, boss. Just like you have mine. bravewins *** @emmya2 took this photo ❤️❤️❤️ ***

Proud to be part of team @kirstengillibrand now and always. The fight continues. #bravewins  

This has been the most life altering and fulfilling journey. @kirstengillibrand is a brilliant, fierce candidate and an exceptional US Senator. I’m so grateful for this team and this campaign. We are all better for knowing her and for working to elect the first female president of the United States. #bravewins  

Brave still wins 💞 #ChasingSenators  

I have loved working for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. I love my team. I have met people in Iowa who are enthusiastic, hospitable, compassionate, hard working, thoughtful, and kind. I came to Iowa because I love my country and I am able and willing to do the work required to make it a better place. I am still going to be doing that work, just not for Senator Gillibrand. #IACaucus   #BraveWins  

Today I'm extremely devastated as @kirstengillibrand has decided to end her campaign...i am so honoured and happy I got to work for this campaign. I've met so many great people and don't regret one moment of this campaign. I've made some wonderful friends through this campaign and am extremely sad about the outcome. I will never forget this campaign. It's helped me through some extremely hard times. It's honestly amazing I got to be one of your constituents. You gave so many of us a voice.I know it's not over and it won't be the last time. #bravewins   #kirstengillibrand  

“We wanted to win this race. But it’s important to know when it’s not your time, and to know how you can best serve your community and country.” New York Senator and now former-Democratic presidential candidate, Kirsten Gillibrand, photographed in New York City on June 17th, 2019. . . #DNC   #politics   #2020   bravewins 🇺🇸

@kirstengillibrand and her team have done incredible work on the campaign! wishing them all exciting next adventures. i am so proud of @gavriek for fighting every day to bend the arc towards justice for all. 💕 though it may not feel like it today, never forget #bravewins  

There isn’t a single moment of this campaign that I haven’t been proud to have a little part of it. Starting with the announcement rally in front of Trump International to spending my lunch break today sending out texts. Kirsten has always been a voice and champion for women from every state, country, and walk of life. I am so proud of you @kirstengillibrand. You have my support today and for whatever your future holds. #KirstenGillibrand   #BraveWins  

Thank you for this meaningful photo @elansner and thank you @the.wing for bringing @kirstengillibrand to our space in NYC earlier this summer. I feel sadness and anger around her decision to leave the 2020 presidential race—but I trust her, and will support her and her choices. ✊️ #BraveWins   #TheWing   #SenatorGillibrand   #USSenator  

winning this medal for best dance act [email protected], was a dream come the through ... all praises to God!!!! #bravewins   #bravechamp  

Was a great success at the #IowaCity   LatinoFestival. Met so many great voters and saw some friends from the @corybooker campaign while representing the @kirstengillibrand team! #BraveWins   #IowaforGillibrand   #BraveWinsinIowa  

First time door-to-door canvassing for the Iowa Caucus since February 1, 2016! Got a supporter committed to caucus for @kirstengillibrand! #BraveWins  

@kirstengillibrand believes passing a GreenNewDeal and getting to net-zero emissions should be this generation’s moonshot. This is her plan to help us get it done:⁣ ⁣ 🌎 Achieve near-zero carbon & other greenhouse gas emissions ⁣ 🌎 Hold Polluters Accountable⁣ 🌎 Phase Put Fossil Fuels⁣ 🌎 Create a Green Jobs Economy⁣ 🌎 Lead the world on clean energy⁣ 🌎 Protect Clean Air & Clean Water⁣ 🌎 Center Frontline Communities ⁣ ⁣ (Check link in bio for full plan & to donate to her campaign) #BraveWins   #Climate   #ClimateChange   #IACaucus  

Apparently Jay Inslee and Marianne Williamson have both meet the donor threshold for the third debate. Will you join me in donating to Kirsten Gillibrand to make sure she has a debate stage? Link in my bio. #KirstenGillibrand   #Gillibrand2020   #BraveWins  

#gillibrand2020   #kirstengillibrand   #iowa   #2020   bravewins idc what the polls say kirsten is my president

Repost @kirstengillibrand Defending women's rights. Getting money out of politics. Passing Medicare for All. Nothing is impossible if we fight for it. #Gillibrand2020   #BraveWins  

I'm working for @kirstengillibrand because I want a president who will work for reproductive justice. I want leaders who are committed to:⁣ ⁣ ✔ Keeping Abortion Safe and Legal⁣ ✔ Undoing Gag Rules ⁣ ✔ Repealing the Hyde Amendment ⁣ ✔ Expanding access to birth control⁣ ✔ Garunteeing comprehensive sex ed⁣ ✔ Funding Title X Programs⁣ ✔ Nominating judges who will protect abortion rights ⁣ Check the link in bio to read her reproductive rights agenda or to donate to her campaign.

This campaign needs all the help we can get! Under 20k donors to go to reach the debate stage! Donate using the link in the bio! Refer your friends and family! #bravewins   #kirstengillibrand   #kirstengillibrand2020   #2020   #gillibrand2020   #gillibrand   #democrat   #sanfrancisco   #newyork   #albany   #nyc   #manhattan   #presidentgillibrand   #president   #LA   #democrats   #senator   #politics   #news   #southcarolina   #newhampshire   #iowa   #california   #lasvegas   #nevada   #texas   #women   #desmoines  

Only cowards hide behind walls. We need to remember what it feels like to be brave— we launched ourselves into space and landed on the moon. If we can do that we can definitely achieve universal healthcare, provide paid family leave for all, end gun violence, and get money out of politics. That’s why Senator Gillibrand is running, and why I’m proud to support her in 2020. She’s spent her career taking on the fights others won’t— voting against the Wall Street bail out while both parties threw billions at the banks, she took on the Pentagon to end sexual assault in the military, turned a red district blue, then challenged Congress by making her meetings, finances, and taxes, public. #BraveWins   #Gillibrand2020  

“I am not free while any woman is unfree even when her shackles are very different from my own.” Thank you @kirstengillibrand for spending some time in St. Louis yesterday and for being an unrelenting and unapologetic champion for freedom and fairness for all. #BraveWins   #MondayMotivation  

When I saw @kirstengillibrand talking about the MJIA three years ago— it never occurred to me that in the not so distant future I’d be in private meetings with her, the minority floor leader of the Missouri House, and the treasurer of St Louis. #BraveWins   #Gillibrand2020  

Today I went to a picnic with 5 presidential candidates + got to share my support for my boss @kirstengillibrand with fitn voters 💕🦸🏼‍♀️🇺🇸 Follow my 🐥 @khaleesiofdc for the inside scoop on the campaign!! #bravewins  

I am so looking forward to staff training next week! People from all over Iowa are coming to learn about what comes next in our campaign. It feels like I am anticipating meeting old friends even though I have not known anyone for more than two months. #TeamGillibrand   #BraveWins   #IACaucus  

We have lived in Des Moines for a little while now and I am happy to announce that we (finally) have all of our stuff! These moving mix-ups has been really hard, but I have met so many kind and generous people that have helped me & Victor get through all of this! #BraveWins   #IACaucus   #Iowa  

But seriously, wtf is that logic? Repost @kgillibrand2020 • • • • • • Resign. #bravewins   #kirstengillibrand   #gillibrand2020   #democrat  

𝗔.𝗕.𝗧. Always be... texting? tweeting? tiktoking? all of the above? #OWWWP   #BraveWins  

Link to donate is in my bio. @kirstengillibrand #BraveWins   #Gillibrand2020   #KirstenGillibrand  

One of the best political books I’ve ever read. #KirstenGillibrand   #OffTheSidelines   #Gillibrand2020   #BraveWins  

kirstengillibrand is going to write the foreword for my new book, “Unleashing the Wise Leader in You! I could not be more excited. As New York Senator and Presidential candidate, Kirsten is the true embodiment of Wise Leadership. I am so grateful to have gotten to know her! Please, if you haven’t already, donate to her campaign and get her to the next debate. She is amazing. #thewiseleader   #unleashthewiseleaderinyou   #drdonna   #bravewins   #kirstengillibrand2020  

⁣ 🏳️‍🌈 Fight for LGBTQ+ Rights⁣ ♿ Fight for Disability Rights ⁣ 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Fight for a Family Bill of Rights ⁣ 🌎 Fight for Environmental Justice and ⁣ real action on climate change ⁣ 🤰🏾 Fight for Reproductive Rights and an ⁣ end to the maternal mortality crisis⁣ 🇺🇸 Fight for Clean Elections⁣ ⁣ ⁣ And while you are doing it #FightLikeHell⁣ ⁣   #BraveWins   IACaucus ⁣ ⁣

Great weekend with kirstengillibrand . If you are a brenebrown fan, you should be donating and voting for Kirsten. She is the political Brene’. Smart, strong, authentic, wholehearted, real and even vulnerable. I feel privileged to have spent time with her and her family. For the first time in my life, I feel like there is a candidate that is just like me and shares my values. Please check her out. #bravewins   #thewiseleader   #unleashthewiseleaderinyou   #kirstengillibrand2020   #drdonna  

One of the great iowastatefair traditions! 🌽📢 @kirstengillibrand takes the stage Saturday at the @dmregister #politicalsoapbox   bravewins 🇺🇸 #iowa   #dsm   #heartland