Botox day was an epic fail. I hope they rectify the situation and give everyone a gift card. I wasted a better part of my day on this, it really messed up my mood. I have baby twins, I don’t have time for your mistakes.

Finally! A reasonable message on website . Now it seems like you are listening, but it's been 7+ hours...

was a lots of unhappy customers and a great lesson in marketing

How are you going to make the offer available to those of us who kept refreshing the web page, couldnt get thru on the phone yet fulfilled all of the other requirements? Signed up a week ago-no email. I have tried ALL DAY!! bogo

Botox website crashed just after dawn on BOGO sale... and based off of what I'm seeing on social media (and self awareness), this is the wrongggg group of women to not follow through on a promise with 🙃🙋‍♀️

have been trying for over an hour and constantly get the 502 Bad Gateway... how did y'all forget to prepare the site for this much traffic?

Whoever Beth Terlip is........I have all your info thanks to And no gift card that I have a confirmation code for due to their website issues! 🤬

Can everyone please get off the website? They were not ready for the traffic.

Didn’t receive a reminder. I was still on right at 7:00 and website crashed! What a joke of a promotion😡

Ironic you support [email protected] claim to care about the constitution -a tiger can hide his stripes and you can’t hide your wrinkles hows the wall around your house working out

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