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We are furiously 3D printing and laser cutting face shields for area hospitals!

Oh lawd, I had to find this man and get him on the next available show time. vs. is something I’ve been dying to pick at for dinner...

News from the frontline @ Cambridge Health Alliance: “Shit went off today. I tubed 3 healthy young people within 1.5 hours of getting to work. We have no ICU beds left. Soon to have no beds period. The whole Dept is covid pos patients with multifocal PNA.”

When things look bleak, look a little further. There is always a bright side.

As our members continue to serve on the front lines of the pandemic, you may notice some changes in the way we respond to emergencies in . Here are some things we want you to know:

taking social-distancing a step further. Just watched workers put zip ties on the basketball hoops in the North End.

Missing my people. So we have happy hour virtually, while I sit on the roof... looking out at my beautiful, quiet neighborhood. It isn’t the same, but it’ll do for now. Cheers to you . We’ve got this!

Sad to hear of the death of Michael McKinnell, architect of City Hall. Michael died of complications from COVID-19. Last year, we celebrated the 50th birthday of what is considered the most iconic example of brutalist architecture in the U.S.

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