2 days to go! at . Get your ticket today from for the showing of ’s on Kenya’s largest outdoor screen. Kes.1000, gets you a Ticket, Bottomless popcorn, Complimentary Beer and a Snack. – 165 Ngong Road, Karen

At work like... Bout go get drinks and turn up time celebrate my exclusive

Rumour is is to be the new Bond! Which Bollywood star do you think can be the next Bond?

You can watch 'Tomorrow Never Dies' at 5.30 pm tomorrow and our double date with Bond on on Friday at 8 pm

Plan your date with 007 on the with back-to-back BondMovies only on !

Aston Martin Coupe RC Car received! Just amazing.. Thanks Got delayed but fine :)

Plan your themed night with us! and many more @Thrumpton_Hall @UKHotelNetwork

RT: Big shout to all the Bond fans. Take part in our movie contest & win gift hamper.

": Thank you for your wonderful support and we hope you enjoyed our contest." Yup sure did

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RT Wan to win Bond merchandise? Take part in our contest and win amazing Bond merchandise ..

waiting eagerly . though i joined a bit late but still, counting on you team :)

RT ... Stay tune, our question for today will be out soon. ...

RT Our question is out. Answer & win Bond merchandise. ...

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