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To guarantee our own sovereignty we have got to stand up for others’ (eg Hong Kong 🇭🇰). - Andrew Hastie

project aim to make entertainment free globally, providing content across all nations of the world Give the team a chance for this PODCAST and Much ❤️ from Africa

MustFall MustFall These 2 companies are prioritizing Foreigners and their cars are involved in crime all the time Must Rise let us support our own 100% South African and employs South Africans

Look what came in the mail. Shout out to my guy Bolt with ! Support those with a vision!

Do we have Kenya guys here. Much love to this brother Success comes with hard work! We at BOLT are breaking all limits just like Eliud Kipchoge, We won't relax until we win

Calls to ban the importing of from which all Aussie power users pay for in hidden green subsidies. Solar farms give us unreliable & expensive power, we are crippling ourselves whilst China is building lots of coal fired power stations.

Please we need help tracking this guy on the picture below, he stole a samsung galaxy A30s from a driver yesterday(18/05/2020) at gun point and withdrew the sum of #300,000.00 from the driver's account. This thief did not stop there,he started sending the driver's wife

What sort of media supports an enabling a man who was convicted of child rape.. and now has been named in a royal commission for covering it up . Is this media for child rapists and their protectors..Why is it in interest to do this ?????

1.Dear A 1000 Thanks We know the cost of this truth includes job loses @ ABC We know U R not allowed 2 fight back against the slander spat @ U from We will B 4ever thankful that U fought 4 Truth against Murdoch &

I don't think my frail 82yo mother who worked her whole life from 14 except for my early years, who paid tax & had to sell their family home to pay for Nursing home when she could no longer look after Dad needs to harden up. I think et al need to fuck right off.

It must be a really really really slow day for the if they're trying to make John Howard trend. Or are they a little panicked about the Cedar Meats screw up..?

Ever wondered how the front and rear motors; ; Chevrolet ; Jaguar -PACE; Nissan ; Audi -tron front and rear motors; Chevrolet ; and Toyota electric motors compare? Find out now!

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