Last night “ MERO “ release his first track of his album so i thought i can do something as a remix🤷🏻‍♂️

"avoid peak-hour loads above the 35% capacity" is imposible because & mobilize +80% 's Collective Transport: +5. Mills passengers/day. Re-opening for only 1.75 Mills? Other 3.25 Mills can´t work in ? Unemployment Insurance for 4.25 Mills workers?

ethereumRT bogotabureau: Thanks to the bogotabureau, welcomes efdevcon for #2021, one of the most important conferences for developers worldwide. This is a unique opportunity for experts 👇

One thing this virus has taught me is that, there is never a perfect plan or time to do anything, so you just gotta do it.

tour of 2 years ago | All across Colombia, artists are expressing their grievances, expectations, and dreams... and they do it with amazing colours and talent.

Today, 357 new cases of COvid19 were diagnosed in bringing the total to 7.743. Deaths stand at 212. Of the 6.213 active cases, 93.8% are in home (6.723), 362 in hospital and 81 in ICU (41% of the capacity)

Llamadas antes de que salga la luna. Gracias / Calls before the moon rises. Thank you 📞🌙😁 

Do you feel it´s a pain in the ass to have to go down to , get stuck in traffic and all the red tape involved in land conveyance and RE transactions (Notary), then dealing with so many holidays and the lack of speaking staff… Better hire this !

buys/sells/leases ur property or looks 1 up 4u. Also trilingual Notary Public of choice in Bogotá!

1 bedroom mini-apartment in . Pay in USD or COP. Ideal for visitors to . Bookings: +(571)7570984

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