Weekly Chart Two weekly candles with a positive trend. Not the prettiest of candles closing this week.

Thank you, sadly anyone that is 50 years + no longer can rely on job security, they cost the company too much $$$, this was the perfect time for to slash the over 50 group!

A new one for me - Bluebird Nordic Boeing 737-400f TF-BBL arriving into from KEF in golden hour

Space? Space. I'm missing some patches and pins from having moved so many times over the years. :C My favorite is my golden space shuttle pin.

A pilot of a 767 a stunning photograph of a thunderstorm billowing over the Pacific Ocean!!

Boeing 737 Max 8 test flight of TC-SOI (Boeing test reg N1779B). BFI👉PAE👉BFI as flight BOE301. Pics from 15 May 2020 at PAE. – at The Boeing Co.

I love the fact we can look up to the sky and with a click see what the jet is, where it’s been and going. If I’d had this when I was 13, I’d have never done any school work. Ohhh hang on. 🤔

filename:boeing_spectrolab.docx hash:56470e113479eacda081c2eeead153bf url:https://www[.]anca-aste[.]it/uploads/form/boeing_spectrolab_logo.jpg

I was thinking if izuku was a pilot (as i'm studying) so i draw an Izuku Midoriya Pilot, and there is it, probably i'll upload more drawings

WH002 „N779XX“ is getting some rest at BFI 😴 ✈️ don't you think she looks more beautiful 😍 in Golden hour? Photo by: Guillaume Bras

Photo of the Day 2020-05-24. OH-BLM, Boeing 717-23S, Blue1, lining up on Runway 23L for take off at Manchester Airport, 26th January 2016.

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