Wow!!! Had this man be , do you know what they would have done to him? Why do we preach against ? So, I am proud to be black & no one can intimidate me with that. We are all from one creator, none of us black was pick from the bin, neither are we planted seed. Shalom

This is what you won鈥檛 see on the news. protesters protecting a officer who was separated from his unit. Don鈥檛 let them divide us. We can beat racism together. Only together. Divided, wins.

This sista speech is so powerful. Wow. Please watch lives matter

鉅鉅 鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹侌潡ю潡涴潡 饾棯饾棞饾棫饾棝饾棙饾棩饾棙饾棗 饾棩饾棦饾棪饾棙 鉅鉅 猕 When a 饾椏饾棽饾棻 rose turns 锝 It means he is 饾棖 饾棬 饾棩 饾棪 饾棙 饾棗 . . .

With all the hate and drudgery that comes with being black ... I鈥檓 still as hell to !

If you want to learn more about the black experience or educate yourself more, I have a video recommending 20 books by black authors with black main characters. 馃枻 Plenty of genres and formats included.

Racial trauma is real. There are no innocent bystanders. I've chosen not to watch/RT any of the videos. Sending love to all people. This week is heavy. Put down the burden of talking, sharing etc. Take care of you. This week isn't the only fight coming our way.

This is the home address of the officer who killed a un armed black man on Chicago. cops lives matter

Africans were neither plucked from trees nor are we of a lesser God The saddening demise of Lives Matter

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