Amazed that AND are nominated for for and ! Even more fun that it is the SAME moment for Clary in both categories! Honored to have portrayed both of these badass women! Thanks, !

Spec Ops: The Line is probably one of the best twists I've ever experienced in a game. Saw something coming with how detached he was becoming but would never have expected the twist that came. Plus the flashback to show how crazy things were getting

The biggest revelation listening to the "us" episode of is that... Yo... is older and has experienced things and have not... I was not ready...

Valentine presented with quite the twist this ep. But Clary managed to figure out that Michael was actually Valentine and then give him a fake version of the Cup with an ironic message, pulling off 1x11’s .

Just saw a post that included We Were Liars by and I got chills just remembering reading t the first time.

I'm truly going to miss the Big Brother Road Kill 😪

OMG they twins look amazing!!! No surprise, I wish they would do a cameo on and represent!!

Omg that movie had me going, I was about to walk out of the theater. obsessed with breaking dawn

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