So today dinner is of course theribman rib rub on pork shoulder steaks let’s leave these a few hours before firing up the old mastertouch

A buddy sent me this today. I don’t know who to credit for the pic but had to share it!!

Lamb ribs on deck today on the bbq guru edition monolith grill they will be seasoned with a light coat of my beef rub and a soon to be released my fish & seafood rub which has nice citrus savory notes. Fired on B&B Charcoal also using GrillGrate ribs will be direct grilled.

Oven’s broken.... attempting apple pie on the offside. Wish me luck...

Graham approved:). This was the start of some good “Stay at home” BBQ.

Slow smoked pulled pork Mac n cheese 🧑🏼‍🍳 you can make it yourself

Little chilly on the deck, but the beer stays cold and the wings smell great.

Bbq start 😋 Finally is good weather in Poland so we rest outside 😊

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