GOOD MORNING! Do things that align with who you want to be. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals. It’s important to keep your feet on the ground during exciting times- stay rooted with your core values- stay true to who you are. Stay Focused, Stay Hungry and no matter what success finds you Stay Humble. Available for Online Coaching - 1:1 Personal Training - Stage Presentation Competition Posing #FluxArtistryPosing   #classicphysique   #bodybuilding   #posing   #training   #weights   #focused   #Posingcoach   #fit   #fitness   #fluxartistryposingclient   #personaltrainer   #bayareapersonaltrainer   #contestprepcoach   #transformation   #sanfrancisco   #nfgu   #dedication   #supplements   #firststrikesupplements   #hifisupplements   #simplesupplements   #keepitsimple   #wolvesclube2019  

Double post, sorry not sorry! As promised, here is the finished product of this morning's culinary adventure! Just some thoughts and comments, but overall a HUGE success! . 🍗 The breading was crunchy and favorful, very similar to standard deep fried chicken. The meat within was tender and juicy, on the breast strips, thigh, and wing! 🍗 Just buy the pieces you want to air fry...DON'T BUY THE WHOLE CHICKEN, unless you want to spend 3 hours cutting up the chicken and then cooking. I wanted to say I did it from Scratch, start to finish, so that's why I bought whole. Plus, CHEAPER. 🍗 I loved the egg / apple cider vinegar mix, instead of buttermilk. It's even healthier and now has no lactose! Trust me, you can't taste the vinegar. 🍗 Depending on how big your Air Fryer is, you may need to cook in 2 batches. Air Fryers need air flow in order to cook properly, so space is required between the pieces. . I'm quite proud of myself, and i HIGHLY recommend this! Check out my Story for the recipe. . #elitecoreclub   #elitecoreclubwithstephanie   #healthycheats   #healthyeating   #healthyish   #healthyishappy   #macrocounting   #macronutrientprofiling   #personaltrainer   #remotetraining   #airfryer   #airfryerrecipe   #friedchickenfriday   #friedchicken   #glutenfreerecipes   #glutenfree   #trysomethingnew   #icantcook   #bayareapersonaltrainer   #foodiefriday   #foodisfuel   #eatwellbewell   #eatcleantrainmean   #eatclean   #eathealthyfood   #mealprepideas   #foodpix  

Friendly reminder that’s it’s okay to feel shitty sometimes. Even when everything is seemingly good. Even when you’re on an up swing. Even when you feel like you have no right because “it could be worse” and it has been before. There’s nothing wrong with you. Even if it lasts for days, or weeks. Allow yourself the little things that bring you pure joy like laying out in the sun, putting extra cream in your coffee, watching Empire Records for the 500th time. Let yourself feel your feelings— even if it feels gross. Try not to push them away and numb them out. This too shall pass 🌊

Do you onow where you HAVE to start? #motivational   #successful   #achievement   #victory  

Frequency training is important when growing muscle but so is recovery. . . I train shoulders and legs twice a week, since it’s areas I want to grow. As beneficial as frequency training can be, it’s also important that your muscle is fully recovered before training it again. Not letting it recover properly can interfere and prolong muscle growth. . . Therefore, make sure you design your training split properly to allow muscle recovery and take a rest day. During a rest day, your body replenishes muscle glycogen (energy stores) and uses that time for body tissues to repair (so you no longer feel sore). . . Shoulder Workout: . 🔺Seated Shoulder Press 4x6. 🔺Seated Face Pull 4x10. 🔺Rope Front Raise 4x12. 🔺Kettlebell Upright Row 4x10. 🔺Shoulder Taps 4x15.

💥BACK ATTACK💥 3 x 5 reps/Rest 30-45 secs⬇️ Barbell row to deadlift L-sit Pullups • This superset targets every part of your back! Give these a try & share/save/tag a friend! Also use hashtag siqperformance to be featured

It’s always darkest before dawn. Even on my darkest times, I’m at peace knowing it’s not permanent. Things happen for reasons sometimes we can’t even comprehend. But it’s all in God’s time. NFGU @darcsport - Much love to my brother @yourphotographer for capturing this. Timing for the settings and ambiance for this photo was perfect. Available for Online Coaching - 1:1 Personal Training - Stage Presentation Competition Posing #FluxArtistryPosing   #classicphysique   #bodybuilding   #posing   #training   #weights   #focused   #Posingcoach   #fit   #fitness   #fluxartistryposingclient   #personaltrainer   #bayareapersonaltrainer   #contestprepcoach   #transformation   #sanfrancisco   #nfgu   #dedication   #supplements   #firststrikesupplements   #hifisupplements   #simplesupplements   #keepitsimple   #wolvesclube2019  

Here's a clip from my YouTube video/podcast episode on dealing with betrayal. As you can see, it's not a happy topic to talk about since I didn't smile too often during the video lol 😅check out the entire episode on the links in my bio on Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes. #sanfrancisco   #sanfranciscofitness   #sanfranciscopersonaltrainer   #oakland   #sanfranciscovegan   #oaklandpersonaltrainer   #oaklandvegan   #oaklandfitness   #bayarea   #bayareafitness   #bayareapersonaltrainer   #whatveganslooklike   #onlinefitnesscoach   #athomeworkout   #athomepersonaltraining  

As a teacher, I love watch my student digging deep to test the deepest parts of themselves. I never get tired of watching it. #groundandpound   #martialfitness   #martialartsfitness  

The time length can be frustrating, but as long as you’re growing in that window, you will be just fine. Focus on the progress, changing your daily habits, and envision what and who you want, not how long it’s taking.

💥MUSCLEUP VARIATIONS💥 Which one do you like the most? 1. Strict muscleup 2. L-sit muscleup 3. Archer muscleup 4. Underhand switch muscleup 5. Front lever muscleup 6. Toe touch muscleup Give these a try & share/save/tag a friend! Also use tag siqperformance for a repost

A little sale here on my fav signature line! Don’t miss it! Link in bio!

Be so inspired that everyone else around you has no choice but to be Inspired also. - There will be times in your life where you’re challenged, where nothing seems to be going right, life punches you in the mouth and you’re left to pick up your teeth off the floor. In some cases, being strong is simply about being able to persevere through hard times. Being resilient. It can be something horrific like the tragic loss of a loved one, or your house caught on fire. It can also be emotional trauma, like recovering from a divorce or a tough break up. These experiences leave us feeling weak hopeless and in the dark. But that’s no reason to stay down for long. No matter what you’re going through in life, other people just like you have gone through the same or worse and come out stronger on the other side. It’s times like these you need to be strong and NEVERFUCKINGGIVEUP NFGU 🐺 - @darcsport wolvesclub2019 - Available for Online Coaching - 1:1 Personal Training - Stage Presentation Competition Posing #FluxArtistryPosing   #classicphysique   #bodybuilding   #posing   #training   #weights   #focused   #Posingcoach   #fit   #fitness   #fluxartistryposingclient   #personaltrainer   #bayareapersonaltrainer   #contestprepcoach   #transformation   #sanfrancisco   #nfgu   #dedication   #supplements   #firststrikesupplements   #hifisupplements   #simplesupplements   #keepitsimple   #wolvesclube2019  

What does this mean? It means that your training intensity shouldn’t change, just because your physique goals do. . . If you lifted heavy to gain muscle, then that same approach should be applied while cutting and decreasing body fat.. . To decrease body fat and lose, we know that calories must decrease, no matter how heavy you lift. By default, your energy consumption will not be as high and strength will be affected. During periods of reduced caloric intake, the body must compensate for this lack of energy. When you lessen your loads and intensity while doing this, and don’t push to still lift heavy, you give your nervous system a message that you don’t need to keep some of the muscle that you built while gaining, especially since you aren’t using it while cutting. . . While cutting, it’s very possible you will lose some muscle because of the calorie decrease and the drop off in loads. That’s common. But the goal is to minimize this to the least degree. Don’t maximize it by eliminating the intensity and lifting heavy approach while cutting. Lifting heavy ensures that your body realizes that the muscle that is there, is important! PS-HEAVY LIFTING BY ITSELF DOES NOT MAKE YOU BULKY.


LEG DAY VIBES!! This shit never gets easier! We just get better 😤 ——————————————————— * Squats 5 sets 6-12 reps * Deadlifts 5 sets 6-10 reps * Jumping Leg Press 4 sets 20 reps * Leg Extensions (not shown) 4 sets 20 reps * Split Squats (not shown) 3 sets 15 reps * Stability Ball Hamstring Curls 4 sets 20 reps * Shoulder Taps superset w/ Brazilian Crunches 4 sets 50 reps each #personaltrainer   #trainer   #easymoney   #fitness   #fitspo   #gym   #coach   #bayareapersonaltrainer   #gains   #legday   #legs   #hardwork   #work   #muscle   #bodybuilding   #gymshark   #alphalete   #gymmotivation   #training   #weightloss   #nike   #train   #lifestyle   #fitnessmodel  

Quick tip while doing dips: Keep your forearms vertical and sturdy for the entire movement. On a side note, I can finally do strict dips for reps after dealing with shoulder stability challenges ✊🏼💪🏼 #sanfrancisco   #sanfranciscofitness   #sanfranciscopersonaltrainer   #oakland   #sanfranciscovegan   #oaklandpersonaltrainer   #oaklandvegan   #oaklandfitness   #bayarea   #bayareafitness   #bayareapersonaltrainer   #whatveganslooklike   #onlinefitnesscoach   #athomeworkout   #athomepersonaltraining   #dips   #calisthenics   #outdoorfitness  

#Some   squatsnatch practice this AM. I know I need to sit back more, but my form is starting to improve 🏋️‍♀️ I’m at about 75lbs and not trying to go heavier till I get it down!

I had a mini “WIN” moment today. I haven’t been able to lunge with my left foot back due to my Injury. The lack of dexterity and just stiffness in the joints limits my weight load and range. - But today I was able to back lunge with about 80% of my weight loaded on my left foot(swipe left). - I’ve been working at this since I got clearance to train again. This was a real happy moment for me. - Since I couldn’t do walking lunges (one of my favorite warm up and leg day finisher) I’ve been doing tones of Bulgarian split squat. And as I got stronger. Started doing full barbell step ups. - That’s it! Just wanted to share my mini win today. It was a proud moment. I cried inside a little cause I was so happy! Lol. Available for Online Coaching - 1:1 Personal Training - Stage Presentation Competition Posing #FluxArtistryPosing   #classicphysique   #bodybuilding   #posing   #training   #weights   #focused   #Posingcoach   #fit   #fitness   #fluxartistryposingclient   #personaltrainer   #bayareapersonaltrainer   #contestprepcoach   #transformation   #sanfrancisco   #nfgu   #dedication   #supplements   #firststrikesupplements   #hifisupplements   #simplesupplements   #keepitsimple   #wolvesclube2019  

A one-hour workout is 4% of your day. Spend your time wisely ⏰. . . Core Circuit: . 1️⃣ Decline Sit-ups 3x10. 2️⃣ Decline Russia Twist 3x10. 3️⃣ Mountain Climbers 3x30 sec. 4️⃣ Break Dancers 3x10 (not sure what they are called lol). 5️⃣ Crunch Elevated Feet Static Hold 3x30 sec. 6️⃣ Bicycle 3x30 sec.

OHP 85lbs ➡️ Swipe OHP 95lbs 🥵 (those last 2 at 95lbs were a struggle!) 💪🏾 . I heard a quote today about momentum. It basically said that like riding a bike, it takes a lot more effort to get the bike going than to keep it going. But as you continue pedaling, you gain momentum and it becomes easier. If you quit too soon, you will miss out on the magic of momentum. If you’ve ever been in a good groove, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. So keep going, knowing that you’ll eventually get there...

If you told me I was going to be a personal trainer when I was in high school, I would of laughed and ran away to hide under a rock. I had trouble with bench pressing just the barbell my sophomore year. Just the freakin' BARBELL! Anyways, I'm definitely blessed to be in the position if service for the people for the better. 🙌🏼🙏🏼 Props to @vanessaevelynh for the great pics 🙏🏼👍🏼 #sanfrancisco   #sanfranciscofitness   #sanfranciscopersonaltrainer   #oakland   #sanfranciscovegan   #oaklandpersonaltrainer   #oaklandvegan   #oaklandfitness   #bayarea   #bayareafitness   #bayareapersonaltrainer   #whatveganslooklike   #onlinefitnesscoach   #athomeworkout   #athomepersonaltraining   #bayareafitness   #fitfam   #veganfitness   #luxuryfitness  

1-on-1 Personal training ensures that you get the attention and coaching that you need for maximum results. If you have ailments, specific body goals and/or want to train at a time that’s convenient for your schedule, 1-on-1 training would be a great fit for you!

Treadmill power walking on an incline is a popular cardio method used amongst many to get their cardio in. It’s less taxing than other cardio methods and still gets the job done calorically. However, I often see a common mistakes performed when power walking on the treadmill. . . ❌In this image, I’m holding on, leaning back, and core is not engaged. I am also taking away from the calories burned and shown, since I am being heavily assisted via holding on. This takes the “power” away in Power Walking. . . ✅Hands free, so I am completely relying on my core engagement and legs to “power” me through the bout. Chest is up and I am relying on my body with no assistance. I will burn more calorically this way because more energy is required. . . If you find it’s too hard to power walk without holding on, consider lowering your speed, incline, or both, and work on working your way back up speed & incline wise, as you get stronger. Just like weight training, you want your cardio to be progressive and not constant. But whatever you do, DON’T HOLD ON & LEAN BACK!

Repost from @lady_shirriel using @RepostRegramApp - letstalkaboutit The picture on the right made me stop and say, this is enough. I was 7 months post grad school, 16 months post divorce 👀and an extra 40lbs to accompany the stress of both. I tried diet and exercise changes by myself, but it was a roller coaster. I made a choice to invest in myself and seek help. June 2018, I stumbled upon Branden, made an appointment and discussed my goals. Damn this was going to be hard, but he said, “We can do this.” A little over a year after that 1st meeting here we are 50lbs down with a goal of 50 more. Could not have done it without Branden’s consistency, integrity and “we,” attitude. Thank you ❤️ #misterelitefitness   #blackgirlhealth  

Grand Rising team of Mi. Today’s word of the day is Discipline. I constantly hear my clients say “I just have to get motivated, that’s when I’ll stay consistent in the gym” LIES! Motivation is great and sometimes we are motivated to really accomplish our goals but motivation is nothing without Discipline ! We do things every day whether we are motivated or not we get it done but when it comes to exercising even if you are motivated sometimes it still won’t get done why ? Because you lack discipline!! Discipline is what bridges that gap between our goals and actually accomplishing them. If you cannot discipline yourself, meaning pushing yourself even when you don’t want to do it but you know you need to do it you will never actually see the results you want. Even I lack discipline some times when it gets to painful, or I’m too sore, or too tired and that’s when I tell myself I can’t preach something to my clients if I don’t follow it myself and I keep going. In order to ever truly be motivated you have to learn to be disciplined otherwise that motivation just goes right out the window if you aren’t actually disciplined enough to get it done! So forget getting motivated work on your discipline this week challenge yourself to build a habit through being disciplined. This week I’m choosing my certifications I keep telling myself there are certifications I want to get but I’ve yet to sit down and even look at what it takes to get them and that part cost nothing ! So DISCIPLINE this week, next week, and all the weeks after !! ⠀ And if you’re really feeling up to it let me help you with your discipline and join me 9/21 at 10am at Cal State East Bay we can work on discipline together ! ⠀ Thanks TeamofMi bless up! ⠀ #fitfam   #fitnessmotivation   #gymgirls   #absroutine   #womenwhotrain   #fitnessgoals   #bodygoals   #doyouevenliftbro   #personaltraining   #personaltraining   #personaltrainerlifestyle   #levelup   #pushthelimits   #discipline   #peoplewhotrain   #outdoorworkouts   #parkfitness   #fitbymi   #teamofMifitness   #athleticgirls   #gymrat   #absworkouts   #trainingmovtivation   #disciplinemotivation   #trainerswhodotheirworkouts   #outsideabsroutine   #fitnesspopup   #bayareapersonaltrainer   #affordablefitness  

Personal training spots are open now! Message me for days and times 240$ 3 days 180$ 2 days #personaltrainer   #bayareafitness   #bayareatrainers   #bayareatrainer   #bayareapersonaltrainer   #fitcamps   #fitness   #fitfam   #exercise   #Gains  

She did it! 50 lbs down! . . I remember when Hana first came to @elitefitnessstudio510 and we sat down, discussed her goals, and how we would approach them via Personal-1-on-1 Training. I could tell that she knew it was going to be work and a long road ahead, and she let out a sigh, like, “Okay let’s get this over with”. . . Well, she still let’s out those sighs every now and again lol, but she makes up for it. Little did she know that she had so much in her to give day in and out. She was capable all along, and I feel proud and blessed to have witnessed it right before my eyes. It’s what I get up every day for, to see people HAPPY and proud of themselves. . . Great Job Hana, it wasn’t perfect, but it was CONSISTENT. Your work has paid off, and I’m elated to see the healthier YOU moving forward. It looks great on YOU!

How do you train? I personally like to implement a lot of FUNCTIONAL workouts. Why? When you move better you burn more calories! And to be able to do a lot of effective functional based exercises requires flexibility & mobility. If your goal is weight loss & getting stronger, integrate this fitness style!

My first baby starts kindergarten tomorrow and I’m not crying, your crying. 😭

I’m always looking for new exercises to add to the artillery. This here is what I just call a High Cable Row. Even though it’s a a variation of a Row it targets a different part of your back side. Particularly the posterior deltoid. Although it is an often overlooked muscle it is very good to train because it helps with overall shoulder functionality. I prefer this version compared to a standing Face Pull because it’s easier to stabilize and not throw the weight. Give it a try! I hope you like it! —————— #grizzlytribe   #grizzlybearlife   #kgrizzly  

Do you feel like Garfield on Mondays? Feeling mega bleghghhh and the week has just begun? You have a busy week ramping up and you really just want to go back to sleep until Friday. Here’s what you can do to pivot yourself towards getting shit done and getting peace of mind 😌 Identify the 1️⃣ thing you’re putting off the most. There’s probably a bazillion things you need to do, but there’s definitely ONE thing that’s most important that you’re avoiding like the plague. Instead of spending half the week stressing about it and letting it snuff out your mojo OWN THAT SHIT. And by that I mean, work on that thing for 20 minutes. That’s it. Set a timer and do as much as you can. Chances are you’re gonna get waaaay more done than you thought possible, and you might breeze through the 20 mins once you get in the zone. What’s 1 thing you’re going to work through today?

Check out this clip from my podcast/YouTube channel on the 5 things I learned over the 5 years of being a personal trainer. The full episode is on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube. (Links in my profile) . . . . . #sanfrancisco   #sanfranciscofitness   #sanfranciscopersonaltrainer   #oakland   #sanfranciscovegan   #oaklandpersonaltrainer   #oaklandvegan   #oaklandfitness   #bayarea   #bayareafitness   #bayareapersonaltrainer   #whatveganslooklike   #onlinefitnesscoach   #athomeworkout   #athomepersonaltraining  

Set yourself up for success. . . Preparation is always the key to success 🔑. Life happens but in order to stay on track you have to be prepared. Do your grocery shopping and prep your meals ahead of time. We may not know what the week has in stored for us but even if theres a tough, busy week ahead, there are no excuses to deviate you from your goals. . . Happy mealprepsunday 🤗

Weekend 1 of gym renovations is a wrap! So much room for activities...We have exciting plans afoot at MHA and can’t wait for you to see! #strengthtraininggym   #marincounty   #bayareapersonaltrainer  

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been victimized by your own procrastination 🙋🏼‍♀️ It’s Sunday. You’re watching Friends, but not really. You’re stressing, because that to-do list in your head has managed to get even longer. Instead of staying glued to the couch in a low key panic attack, here’s 2 things you can do to feel like you have your shit 1% more together. 1. Identify the main thing that is stressing you out. Is this something you can actually do something about? You’re stressed about meal prepping for the week because you know you don’t have time— put together your lunch for tomorrow. You don’t have to do everything, just do one small thing. 2. Is it something you can’t do anything about right now? Get out a notebook and write it out. All of it. Until there’s nothing left. Writing it out will stop the cycling and help to get it out of your system. When you’re done, put it away. Put the thoughts away too, that’s all you can do until tomorrow. The overwhelm is overpowering sometimes, but it doesn’t have to completely crush you. The smallest things can create the greatest relief. Let me know how you’re making your Sunday 1% better! 👇🏼

Now that Ive changed facilities and training over @swingsf What better way to celebrate than Swinging some Kettlebells! Honcho Complex: DBL 28kg Swing / Swing - Squat / Clean- Front Squat The hardest thing was remembering it all. Brain Waves on overload. And some Bodyweight Goblet Squats (Almost) BW : 160 KB weight: 150lb @roguefitness bell Shit was HEAVY Kettlebells. Barbells. (For the hipthrusts) Rings. Squat Rack. My kind of playground . #viknperformance   #sffitness   #kettlebellkings   #workout   #kettlebelltraining   #sffitfam   #sfpersonaltrainer   #hiit   #training   #kettlebellfitness   #sffitness   #kettlebellswings   #kettlebell   #fieldhousestrength   #sfgroupfitness   #sflifts   #bayareafitness   #sfpersonaltraining   #legday   #fieldhousestrength   #bayareapersonaltrainer   #kettlebellcoach   #kettlebellworkouts   #kettlebellworkout  

When someone tells you you just need ~*balance*~ in your life and you want to rip your own eyes out because what the fuck does that even mean? Like, yes, Carol I ~*GET*~ it but that literally tells me nothing and doesn’t help at all. Meanwhile you’re working your ass off every day and feeling more stressed than Chucky Finster when he swallowed a watermelon seed, but it feels like there’s no other option. There is. Here’s what you do 👇🏼 Start saying no. You have 10,000 things on your plate so adding 1 2 3 4 more things feels like a drop in the bucket. Truth is, it’s all these little extra things are pushing you faster down the stress spiral. When your coworker asks you to go out for drinks after work, but it sounds more stressful than fun, you’re allowed to say no. Use these extra moments to carve out some serious time for yourself. This isn’t supposed to be time where you do more work and cram in 10 loads of laundry while you wash dishes. This is time where you turn off your phone and watch Friends, or play video games for the first time in FOREVER, and get in a little bit of movement if that’s what you need. It might not be all ~*zen & chi*~ but it will recharge your batteries. And you will feel 6% more human almost immediately. What are you doing for yourself today?

Keep going like nothing happened 🤷🏾‍♀️ happy Saturday y’all

Do you do Clamshells? Check out these tips that I give to Latalya while she performs them. 99.9% of people do these WRONG! . . Tips: Before rotating, Pull your pelvis all the way forward. If your hips are sticking back too far, you are taking away from the benefit. Limit and erase as much of you using and moving your lower back as much as you can. NO ARCH! The lower lumbar shouldn’t be moving. Keep your glutes squeezed tightly throughout the entire process. Hold and squeeze those glutes at the top for one second, don’t just open and close rapidly. Push your feet together. . . I recommend performing these with no weight first to improve your technique. If you’re doing it right, you should still feel activation even without a band and resistance. . . Book your August and September sessions today! Message me to schedule a consultation to discuss your goals!

💥PEG BOARD CLIMB💥 Looking for a challenging and fun workout? Try this! Your forearms will definitely be on fire. Before attempting, make sure you have the strength to do a good amount of dead hang pullups. This takes a lot of slow control, focus & strength💪🏻 So give this a try! Use hashtag siqperformance Share/save/tag a friend!

4 month of hard work on these gunz. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in such a short amount of time. I’m the same body fat in both photos. (So says the scale, who knows if it’s accurate, I don’t really care 🤷🏼‍♀️) about 5 lbs heavier (probably mostly water cause I was cutting in the photo on the left). I have gained so much strength it’s crazy. I never trained arms before January because I didn’t want to look “manly”. Now I wanna look like I can kick yo man ass, or at least lift more than him 💪🏻💪🏻😝jk

The Power of Association. . . Surround yourself with people who think the way you want to think 💭. . . This is so true! Have you ever caught yourself adding words to your vocabulary that you’ve never said before? For example, if you hang out with someone from the Bay Area then you most likely will catch yourself saying “hella.” Well this is also true in regards to your thoughts, actions, and habits. . . When you hang out with pessimists and “life-is-so-unfairers” then you will most likely encounter and uphill battle to keep yourself positive. . . Start hanging around with those who see limitless possibilities as a reality because the Universe is an infinite place. Have your inner circle be full of those who thrive in having fate in the unknown, who act upon their big ideas 💡, who take actions in making positive changes in this world 🌍. . . We need more people who believe in themselves. I BELIEVE IN YOU! @cutztrainingfacility WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

Highlights from today’s GLUTE MAX 🍑 SESSION! Finishing up week 3 of @misterelitefitness510’s 12 WEEK GLUTE MAX PROGRAM. He’s looking for 3 more ladies that want to join. Info on his page! . . Ladies, we have to do MORE than squats & lunges to BUILD a nice BUTT!

Check out these moves by @mrselitefitness from My ONLINE 12 Week Glute Max Program! It’s 🔥🔥🔥 . . What makes this program different from other online booty programs, is that it’s CUSTOM and will fit YOUR actual body type and deficiencies in the legs and glutes. Each exercise is geared to develop YOUR areas. Where as, most programs are a one size fits all! I will also offer endless support throughout your program tenure. Please be mindful that this is an ONLINE PROGRAM & not a class. Home workouts can be accommodated, but for best results, gym use is encouraged. . . I’m looking for 5 more ladies who are at no lower than an intermediate fitness level who want booty gains! Send me a message for more details! . . 📱415-225-5518 📧[email protected] 📥Inbox

Don’t expect me to be anything other than myself... I’m genuine, authentic, sophisticated, humble, rich, dedicated, and I’m just getting started because the list goes ON, just like LIFE! 💪🏽 You have to remember that you are in charge of who you are and how you feel about yourself sets the tone for how others will feel about you and how others will treat you!! On Friday’s we FLEX... &&& Yup I’m doing just that! 👌🏽🖤🏋🏽‍♀️• • • • #GetFitByTeila   #FitnessFriday   #FlexFriday   #FitnessAdvice   #FitnessBloggers   #BayAreaPersonalTrainer   #AtlantaPersonalTrainer   #FitForTheCulture   #MelaninFitness   #BlackWomenDoWorkout   #BreastFeedingMama   #BlackMomsBlog   #MuvaOf2   #BodyPositive   #CaliforniaFitness   #AfterWorkoutPic   #GymPhotos   #HealthyMama   #AbKiller   #FitnessMotivation   #HerbalifeResults  

Do you know what you actions do on a daily basis? #victory   #achievement   #motivational   #successful