Saw that is closing public parks starting tomorrow so had to stop at Lumpini on the way home. Losing the parks is going to tough on a lot of Bangkokians. 😢

governor announces the closure of all shops, including roadside shops, from midnight-5am until further notice. 📷 File photo

MEGA malls are home to MEGA shopping in . Along with supporting industries, these behemoths employ thousands. Besides the tourists that come just to shop, malls are a social space where people connect & escape the heat. With malls closed, the impact is more than economic.

Following the news that the Thai government has banned April’s Fool Day, this was spotted on the side of a building in Bangkok: “Every day is April Fools’ Day in Thailand”. This image was posted on the Facebook page of Thai activist Dudeswee

This is what an "Ideal Male body" at its peak looks like Believe it or not It's true

these two men's went to Bangkok and hide thier travel history. When police reach them they shouted in them. And also they lied to thier wife's. They have so much food in thier matkas. Do matke

जाना था जापान, पहुँच गए चीन They lied to their wives that they were in Bangalore for business purposes, but travel records show they actually had visited Bangkok. Now these 'Bangkok' lovers have been quarantined!

Gratitude expressed in toward doctors, nurses, and all medical personnel involved in the fight against

Although we are hundreds queuing for in 's new Muang Thong Thani office, we all got chairs, social distancing, temperature checks and baby wipes. Much better than

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