Rudy Hartono 🇮🇩, Wang Chen 🇭🇰 and Akane Yamaguchi 🇯🇵 each have one gold and two bronze medals from the Asian Games.

Day 7⃣7⃣ without . Enjoy this 7⃣7⃣-shot rally between Sayaka Hirota/Yuki Fukushima 🇯🇵 and Maiken Fruergaard/Sara Thygesen 🇩🇰 from two years ago at Denmark Open.

Today I started believing more in this quote That" practice makes a person better "✨ In today's badminton 🏸 I won both the sets from my dad with a high speed.. He is a very well player but.. I am improving day by day.. ✨❤ Love you dad..

🔁 if you think this brilliant shot epitomises the great sportsmanship that exists in . 📸

Socially distant , Bhutan-style 🇧🇹 🏸 Beautiful, this.

Do you miss watching Lee Zii Jia on a court? Here you go, feast on his signature backhand smash. 🏸🔥

🇯🇵 Are you a fan of Japanese ? 🇯🇵 Then you ought to try out this quiz. 🎯 Don’t forget to tell us your score!

What common achievement in do these players share? First correct answer = 🔁

| Our Genius in Action stars Gao Ling and Huang Sui 🇨🇳 from an actual match the 2007 Macau Open. How happy they are playing ! 🏸 😄

Best men's singles player your country has ever produced is ____.

starred in a movie 🏸 📽️ when he was a child? He played a supporting role in a biopic about Indonesian 🇮🇩 legend Liem Swie King in 2009.

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