S is for... Shampoo! 💇 There are shampoos which are created to work better for specific hair types and to combat issues which are unique to them. Discover your perfect shampoo to suit your hair-type today.

P is for… Pink! There are endless ways to wear this exquisite shade, whether you want to be sweet, audacious, or somewhere in between them both! ❤ Love this!

We'd all LOVE to feel like this. With a few good quality skincare products, it won't take long for you to start smiling when you catch a glimpse of yourself.

W is for... Wash & Scrub! There are days when all your skin will need is a decent face scrub and hot water. I can't provide the warm water but you can discover your new favourite face scrub !🛀

E is for… Exaggerated Eyeliner! Have a test with new colours, maybe an eye-catching Alaskan blue, or even try glitzy eyeliner! Make a statement with your look! 👀

I’m a local Avon sales rep and if you love our products or are looking to try some feel free to shop with me using this link! Feel free to share this!

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Canoeing on the river Avon today River litter collection. Two plastic balloons numerous plastic bottles and beer tins all wildlife death traps! Take your litter home.

Have a date, or an occasion where you need to make an impression? Say this phrase to yourself a few times in the mirror. How does it make you feel? 💜💜💜

As if you could forget this. Need some lush new pampering products? Avon has everything you'll need to feel fantastic at a fraction of the price

I is for… Intense Colour! Be bold; toy with dramatic blues, yellows, and pinks for your eyes! 🌈 What's your favourite palette?

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