Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 taking off out of Heathrow airport what beauty. . . Follow us for more A380 media also visit my Facebook for the 4k version.. . . . .

Celebrating International Civil Aviation Day – here’s a shot of the Air India Queen with the skyscrapers of Mumbai in the backdrop. Wishing all aviators globally a great day! 😊✈️✈️📸

A C-130 Hercules in 16 meters of water in Aqaba, Jordan..😍✈ •(Photo by alex_dawson_photography ) • aviationeverywhere (get_repost) ・・・

Reposted from world_airplanes_ (get_regrann) - Almost crash 😳😳 • • What Do you think about it? Who was wrong ??? • • • 📷=Unknown • • •

wow 😮 ! Reposting @aviationeverywhere: "RAAF Globemaster C-17 😍✈️ What a beautiful beast 😍 (Video by )

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