Everyone in should read this thread and realize what Steve has selflessly done to move forward the city's/region's most important magazine and so many careers.

Democrat Party just bought loyalty of HQ @ $4.3 Billion, @ $935 Million, 's Infectious Disease Research Institute () @ $706 Million and now own the entire narrative on this faked pandemic and can force inoculations by statute -against

The daily 8:00 pm cheers for healthcare workers in

Tomorrow at 10 am we will give you a little quarantine attitude booster. Please, share this if you want to save the world.

A dear friend in has a son, a special child, tried everything to make things better for 28 yrs! And finally found a therapy in . 6 months in, the boy, I've seen for 12 yrs is able to communicate on philosophy, anti-matter, quantum physics - THIS IS a

PULLS UP IN HOOD 💨 BACK at Follow 💫 (@thesauceattic @thesauceattic⁣ (@thesauceattic @thesauceattic

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