NOUVEL ACCROCHAGE POUR MA RÉSIDENCE AU NARCISSIO Je vous attends avec impatience samedi de 14:30 > 18:30 Le Narcissio, 16 rue Parmentier, 06 Nice (tram Valrose)

Côte d'Azur. The completion. oil & wax on canvas, 84" x 42", 2017 SOLD.

Our Artist - Anshul Mudnani 138 X 190 cm Acrylic on canvas 🎨 ➡️Check our Pages. Facebook: Artok Gallery Instagram: @Artokgallery

Studio view. 2018 Black Line. Oil on canvas, metallic silver background, 80”x80”, 2015. Lucy In The Sky. Oil and wax on canvas. 5ft wide x 7ft high, 2016.

Studio view. 2019 The Dark Angel and The White Angel. Oil on canvas. 80" x 80". Dark Angel stood for months; I created White Angel in response, to re-establish balance; here white clearly dominates the blunt dark force.

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