Papercut Palm Springs made as a gift. Inspired half and half by Hockney and the Incredibles house. 🌅🏝🏊‍♀️🚗. . .

Homage to ... the gatehouse to the more-than-a-century-old National Steel Car factory in

The capital of medieval Armenia, the city of Ani was a thriving center of trade and faith, survived by its haunting ruins. Church of the Redeemer completed in 1035. It remained intact until 1955, when a storm collapsed half of the structure.

Diamond Service Station, Macon, Georgia; designed c. 1960 by architect Thomas Little... photo Pedro E. Guerrero, 1961.

Architecture and urbanism drawing at 6am (I don't know if it look like a real drawing)

Looking west from Dame Lane towards the former Sick and Indigent Room Keepers Association on Palace Street. I’ve always loved this view.

Forest House, West Cornwall, Connecticut, 1973-75 Designed by Bohlin C. Jackson

Hugh Ferriss (1889–1962) influential illustrations from his book 'The Metropolis of Tomorrow' depicting brooding, monumental structures. The book is divided into three sections "Cities of Today", "Projected Trends" and "An Imaginary Metropolis".

Palomar Community College District location: San Diego County, California. visualization: Yan Baev

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