Drawing animal characters is so soothing. In these stressful times I allow myself to just draw whatever I want. So here麓s a punk giraffe. 馃憣

Woo! more illustrations from ''Brum and Sun鈥欌 <3 This time we finally get to meet sun, and I loved drawing her! She's so orange and yellow ^_^ The book will be published by Think Equal.

Another little drawing from the children's book 'Brum and Sun', soon to be published by Think Equal. This was the copyright page illustration, so it was a good excuse to draw something super cute.

Here's 2 more animal characters to round off the week. 馃槉 whats your favorite breed of dog?

Symbolic Birds! Marieke Nelissen paints an exquisite artwork for a private client who asked for a piece of art for a child yet to be born. Read More 馃憠

Good evening everyone 馃挏鉁 I hope that you have had a lovely couple days over the festive period! Here is a Galaxy snake I painted over the holidays 馃悕

Just in case you thought I was going to stop drawing left-facing unicorns with their mouths open, I'm not. I'll never stop. No one can stop me. #鈥

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