You raise it up, so you can sip the tasty milk; you raise it up, to give yourself a toast; your legs are strong, so bottle can stand on cute paws; you raise it up, to finish before you sleep... 萌炸!好像家裡剛學會抱奶瓶的寶寶

"Alligator in amongst cypress swamps of Florida" via Porn Subreddit - Courtesy of HellsJuggernaut

Good morning everyone and happy Saturday!! Dawn and I were walking through a local park yesterday when we spotted Bambi... I have never seen a fawn in person, in a zoo or otherwise

Orangutan mother take care for their young for 7-8 years, her male partner take no part of it

Hyena Cub IV Digital Art created via Convolutional Neural Networks and Deep Learning

First time when both feels each other by showing eyes thats can't explain by any word and this feeling remaining when you lost your pet is most worst

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