My Sydney, Australia blog is Up! It took a while.. lol, mainly because I hate to actually sit down and write it. I love to share... but I actually hate to write! I know... who starts a blog that hates to write! Haha! I’m no English major and I’m sure there will always be grammatical errors and mistakes but just try and over look that and give this hairdresser turned stay at home mom some grace! I have to thank @luxefamily5 for really inspiring this trip! I started following her last year during her 100 day trip around the world. It was so amazing and she was doing all this travel with food allergies. I reached out to her and she recommended great airlines and had actually written a blog that was super helpful. She was so kind to help. She recommended @qantas ... so when the flights were too good to pass up, we booked! She is a doll to follow, she is real and funny! She will make you laugh and You will love all her amazing travel! . . . . . . #travelblogger   #momblogger   #sydney   #australia   #andrasfamilydoesaustralia   #suitcasesandsunrises   #travelingwithfoodallergies  

Sydney you were super fun and a great choice for our kids first trip out of the country. The people were the most friendly and kind people from anywhere I have ever been. We are glad to be home but the jet lag is NO FREAKING jOKE! They say it can take a day for every hour time zone you pass..... clearly this can’t take 17 days????? 😩 #andrasfamilydoesaustralia  

The cutest high waisted swimsuit this mama ever did see brought to you by @targetstyle! I cant count how many times Scott made me do this shot. He keep saying he didnt get it.... I think he just enjoyed watching me get splashed with freezing cold water over and over again! 😂 ❄️ #andrasfamilydoesaustralia  

Picture perfect! 📸 #andrasfamilydoesaustralia  

Watching both kids run in completely different directions at a playground gives me major anxiety! 😂 We have spent the whole day here.... and they have made so many friends. The people are so kind and friendly here. I’m not sure they will ever want to leave. #andrasfamilydoesaustralia  

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀 #andrasfamilydoesaustralia  

St. Patrick’s Day 2019🍀 #andrasfamilydoesaustralia  

We all loved the submarine tour...this was right before I hit my head on the way out. 😩Can you say claustrophobia? #andrasfamilydoesaustralia   #suitcasesandsunrises  

Turned out to be a beautiful day here in Sydney! 🌤 #andrasfamilydoesaustralia  

Meet Scarlett and Buddy the Kaulas.( pretty great name if you ask me! )😂 #andrasfamilydoesaustralia  

Her favorite part of the day! #andrasfamilydoesaustralia   #Suitcasesandsunrises  

We made it! Can’t believe how great the kids did on our 17 hour long flight! They were rockstars! Now off to explore the great city of Sydney! #springbreak2019   #andrasfamilydoesaustralia   #suitcasesandsunrises