If only the had of treated Stephen Kinnock & Tahir Ali Labour M'p's the same way they have Cummings over breeching lockdown.. Bias bullies with an agenda and that's why I wont support their behaviour.

How much more proof does one need to realize that we are being brainwashed by the main stream media in order to push an

"strong social distancing" is a politicians whim based on nothing. But the political is there.

If you really manage to deal with one item every day, that have been on the for ages but kept falling off due to lack of time your is no longer far.

2063 seeks to deliver on a set of Seven  each with its own set of goals which if achieved will move closer to achieving its vision for the year 2063. Commonly, these Aspirations reflect our desire for shared prosperity , well-being and unity.

I couldn't give a flying fuck if Dominic Cummings visited his parents, people are acting like he's murdered a dozen people

Time to admit the absolute chaos in Canada is due to the imposition of the . And they ALL signed on. WHY won't MEDIA debate THAT? WHY won't 'Opposition' defend their position?

Remember yesterday I remarked that someone had driven a car into a crowd of people in the UK, yet didn't deem it newsworthy? Well today they have just reported a similar incident in Australia, except no-one was hurt and the car ploughed into a hijab shop window.

He has inside information! See his press statement in past few days ! It's disgusting how all this about ! Monsef Fauci Trump they all running a circus making us stupid as they push an according to their plan ! Sick of all this nonsense

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