Being a leader on a team is not easy - good captains have the ability to manage many details of the team that will play a major role in its success and how well it functions.

You keep buying potato chips and bean dip and we'll keep planting chip potatoes and pinto beans!

Tips & ideas for how to stay active at home from manager for female hockey, Kristen Wright. →

The higher up the ladder you go in sports, the more you'll find that there are plenty of skilled, talented players competing for limited spots. Character counts.

The Customs Laboratories European Network counts 89 laboratories. They provide scientific expertise to enforce EU customs regulations. Learn about their role and cooperation: Thank you for your dedication at the Laboratorio di Venezia!

We look forward to seeing back on the Heath with an event as soon as it's safe.

Helping your child develop an active lifestyle could have plenty of benefits for their long-term health. Check out these five tips for keeping your children active. View Resources:

When you encourage your athlete to sample multiple sports and discover what they enjoy, you're nurturing an environment that allows them to stay physically active for life. View Resources:

Countdown to the next ASJ Virtual Grand Rounds has begun! Join us tomorrow at 9amEDT as presents use in revisionary . Email [email protected] to register.

Really... 🏆student pilot... it’s IMC, Freezing levels ❄️almost at the surface & you want to go flying in this??? ✈️Let’s discuss

This is an incredible snapshot of the research conducted and I was lucky enough to be a part of. We have to remember as coaches and parents IS and when done correctly and effectively IS . This is the backbone of the

wants me to share my merch and fanwork today! I have a LOT of merch, both official and unofficial! I'm also counting 's merch since it's related! Oh by the way. ? Hope you're seeing this! 😉

A video from our hockey family to yours: We miss you and look forward to when we can be back in the rink with all of you! ❤️

Proud to be a part of an organization that embraces and utilizes evidence-based frameworks to design their framework for athlete development!

China's , with global agribusiness giants , Bunge, Cargill, Louis Dreyfus and Glencore, are using to reshape the global grain supply chain. After starting Covantis, they will launch a pilot test on the transport of from Brazil to China in Q3.

Admiral Group CEO David Stevens, CEO-Designate Milena Mondini, CFO Geraint Jones and CEO UK Insurance Cristina Nestares discuss Full Year Results

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