77% of the population approves of President Lacalle Pou's handling of the coronavirus. What makes that amazing is that Uruguay's new president took office on March 1, and only 13 days later, the 1st case was detected

Alcides Ghiggia celebrates as he scores the winning goal for against in the 1950 Final.

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's goalkeeper Roque Máspoli consoles 's captain Augusto after Uruguay's 2-1 win in the final of the 1950 .

☀️♡。 🍓When words are not as dignified as silence, it is better to be silent and wait🍓 ___🖋Eduardo Galeano ©️1940/2015 🇺🇾 ☀️♡。 💜 🍓 📷 🌊 Cais do Ginjal - Almada

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