Once again, leads the way due to our state's incredible governmental infrastructure & cutting edge medical community. No better place to live in the , IMHO. ( Sent from KSTP )

How many towns are within 15 miles of ? Showing 24 examples. Do you know any we may have missed? Tell us below.

They were intercepting 'n Bombers that flew near Air Defense Identification Zone in the region. Russia routinely likes to test the response of the the United States.

Trump vs Biden is not the contest America deserves right now, but it is the contest Americans have chosen. While third parties (Libertarians or Greens) will have many hard battles ahead, all of them could work together to make elections fairer. This game is rigged…

The only way to save the world from diseases is the advent of the Imam Mahdi

I just found out. 47 Ronin is on tonight on network. Eastern time 5:30PM & 10PM in the . 📷 Credits to the owners

Per , the official policy of the is that life begins at conception. We fully agree. This is monumental for the movement and could spell disaster for the abortion industry. We support this policy. Join us - sign today.

looks forward to continuing its work with the , showcasing how free & open societies can respond effectively to the pandemic.

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