Asked how many of the 29 FISAs reviewed by IG Horowitz, as part of the audit released last Tuesday, as well as the FISA warrants fell under the DOJ/NSD tenure of Michael Atkinson, OIG spox declined to comment beyond the publicly available reports.

BREAKING: The fire in the zone is still being tried to extinguish. It burns about 250 acres of forest. In some places, the radiation level reaches 2.3 Microroentgen/Hour at the norm of 0.14

Authorities in prepare hundreds of graves for possible victims

One less of Putin's cannon fodder in . He'll be crossed off the payroll and duly forgotten.

Russian occupation forces committed yet another war crime in , shelling a residential area of Verkhniotoretske from tripod-mounted portable antitank guns. Remarkably, only one 68 year old woman was injured by shrapnel.

Atkinson DNI bio “he served in DOJ’s National Security Division (NSD) as the Acting Deputy Assistant AG for National Asset Protection and as Senior Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General” Timing Overlaps IG Horowitz FISA audit released Tuesday

The WB ?? Leaker was a cluster..and everyone knows it 🙏

Flashback “Sources familiar w/Atkinson's closed-door deposition in October tell CBS News Atkinson said he did not investigate the contact between Schiff's committee and the whistleblower because he first learned about it from the media..transcript..has not been released”

IG Horowitz statement on removal ICIG Atkinson “...is known ...for his integrity, professionalism..That includes his actions in handling the Ukraine whistleblower complaint, which the then Acting DNI stated in congressional testimony was done “by the book”

Because he's wanted to fire Atkinson since he told Congress about the whistle blower. Trump waited until we were too busy dying from to care about more details. This wannabe mobster needs to get out of our White House. Enough is enough.

The road to the village of Yablunytsya and the view from the top of Mount Khomyak (1,542 meters) located in its immediate vicinity to the north - the territory of the Carpathian National Natural Park in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast of western Photos by: Valeriy Naumov

Mordor will not win the battle for eastern . Goodnight people until the morrow.

Kyiv in the time of coronavirus: the sign reads “Free for whoever needs it.” (buckwheat, flour, spaghetti, preserves...)

Ukrainian Parliament supported the land reform with 259 votes. It is a historic moment for !

Huge! ’s parliament has just enacted land market in the country, effective June 1, 2021.

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