Is she retarded?? Jetz is officially cancelled!

There's so much in this great picture! 👍 Almost like a painting

Italian aviator Arturo Ferrain accepts a bouquet from a Japanese delegation celebrating his plane’s successful arrival in .

I couldn’t sleep well last night, and woke up to this!! Tokyo’s sunrise! Gorgeous! 🌅

Not sure why, but people out on the streets of Tokyo protesting against police brutality.

Playing Gameboy and Tamogochi in the streets of Shibuya is the ULTIMATE way to play. Iv already been challenged to 3 Pokemon battles!!

Hey, hey, it's Saturday! The sun is shining -side. May is the best month weatherwise. 🇯🇵 ☀️

Spectacular morning in - I feel it’s going to be a fantastic day!

Yes!!!! Dinner. In a restaurant. Tonkatsu. Only thing missing is a big beer! 🇯🇵🍺

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