A Japanese government panel says would become unable to function as the country's capital in about three hours if a large-scale of Mount Fuji were to occur.

had visibility reduced activity on the weekend after Governor of Tokyo requested everyone to stay at Home. These pics are on a Saturday. Here Govt doesn't want to announce a lockdown for economic reasons. Pak took a similar decision although for different reasons (1/2)

The Summer Olympics in , postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, will likely open on July 23, 2021, according to sources familiar with the matter. (Pic: AFP)

and ... I didn’t expect snow ❄️ in at the end of March.

Anothe quiet Sunday morning😊 Beautifully Solenm scene, cherry blossoms blooming in Spring snow☃️🌸

I thought it’s the end of March. Spring has already come...

I love snow days! Couldn't resist taking Peach-chan out for a bit. She loved it as well and cried when we came back in. 😭🥰💕❄️

Pics of fur babies please! Here’s our Ceto enjoying a chest rub as I type

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