Can you please just come back and be president again? We鈥檝e tried letting the children run rampant and the is really screwing the pooch

Are you wondering if what the President did or said is wrong? Think of it from a parental stand point. Your kid disagrees with Sally so he calls her Stupid Sally. Are you disappointed in my child? Yes? You should be dissapointed in the President.

He can use the extra time to write more hateful tweets that will be flagged, then he can talk about how unfair everybody is being to him.

Yeah- should've just thrown off for violating the TOS and endangering the nation and the planet with his tweets

Uhh... with all due respect. You have your hands full and you need help yourself. They don't need anything messed up further.

Not everyone should get a megaphone to the world. His total lack of leadership and misinformation is dangerous to society. needs to remove his account to protect the public.

With this , which is a lapdog of , I am sure he can get away even with closing . These so-called "stellar conservative legal minds" will find a way to bend the law and 1st Amendment to the will of our .

throws a tantrum. Useless EO makes you look like a big man? You should watch the international news organizations. The world is laughing at you, .

Trump today signed the "I'm Taking My Ball And Going Home" executive order. He then used the potty and afterward took a nap.

And the lawsuits will rightly use the same phrase, "arbitrary and capricious", that so many of the lawsuits the Trump regime has lost have stated. Sure will be nice to have an adult president again, not the . please

I'd like to be a fly on the wall just to see what his enablers hide about his behavior. What really goes in the White House when is tantruming?

Sad weak old man, what are you going to do about it!? Nothing so sit down and shut up. Twitter is a private company, you have no control, you play by THEIR rules!

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