Apperantly if you don’t follow me on tiktok your moms a hoe but here’s the username 😔🤣briannaxcxc

of the day part 1 what kind of mom will you be ?

Brother in law has just sent me this and it’s about finished me off 💀😂🐰

Sometimes you have to get creative with catching your man off guard 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

I’m so glad I’m in my own flat during quarantine cause this would not run in my mums house 😂

I live for my nieces TikTok’s lmfao 😂❤️

Drop your tiktok handle let me follow you all 😅.

PH ONCE THE 4TH COMEBACK Fancy You 2020.04.09 9PM (PST)

You Are So Funny Zainu pie😂😭🤩🧡🥰❣️🤤😅🤧😊😭. Missed your funny tik tok lots😆😆😂😂😉😉. Our Sunshine

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