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❦Willpower is not brute force; it is a luxury of choosing what matters most to you. If you aren’t achieving your goals, reevaluate whether your deeper desire is to play it safe or stay comfortable. ~Anne Scottlin

The current History Channel miniseries is part of a general reappraisal of Ulysses S. Grant that has been a long time in the making.

The best way to deal with Rejection is to fail forward. Ask why, and incorporate whatever learnings into your next quest or request. Take it a step further... especially in trying to make sales. Dare to ask "what will it take for you to do business with me today???"

... is this part of the she heads up? Do she have some sort of "conduct unbecoming" clause in her contract or is this indicative of how Franklin does business these days? Wasn't okay in '47, isn't okay today ...

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