To meet that person, to say hello or greet, we shake hands but do you know the origin of handshakes? Take a read and make a retweet to bless your tl!

After 85 long lockdown days in Spain, as of today we can now enjoy the beach and swim in the sea. It feels wonderful, amazing and exciting (still keeping a safe distance though). Here's my view right now, normally something I take for granted. How is everyone?...B x

Its the start 100's of local clinicians have responded for SARS + not one has charged for their service. They have helped treat 1000s of patients + saved countless lives. A massive thank you, to all our emergency medical past + present

The government is knowingly leading us headfirst into the next spike, scientists don’t agree with these measures England is the only country in the UK taking this route, this is treacherous and I for one am very frightened please ❤️

Good luck to all the heads, teachers, admin staff, cleaners, caretakers, cooks, parents, pupils & anyone else involved in todays madness.

Overnight we took 37 calls to fires in the open, mainly consisting of bonfires and BBQ's out of control. We urge you to be responsible and avoid having bonfires and DO NOT have BBQ's in the New Forest

We are back! We are open from today for Delivery & Pick-up ONLY. We worked really hard to open a day earlier Ottawa! We have a brand new menu designed by your beloved Coconut Lagoon team. We look forward to serving you. ❤️

And just like that, everyone in America suddenly understands the importance of the 2A for personal protection of yourself, home, and family.

I’m not an American but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel concerned with what’s been going on this week. As a BLACK MAN, I am DISGUSTED shit like this STILL happens. I’ve been feeling angry for days and I am TIRED of feeling that way. Same ol’ story. I’ll post again SOON. ✊🏾

Proud of Monticello grad and my son in the middle of Chicago all last night doing his job with CFD putting out car and store fires.

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