Lots of daytime for this week, particularly as the weather gets cooler from mid-week. Remember even though we've moved into Phase 1 the advice is still JC

Good job we're not lifting lockdown restrictions, sending kids back to school & telling the vulnerable they can stop shielding now. Oh wait...

Thank you for stopping a car from Northampton from driving down the closed road to beach today

Is still in effect? Asking for some friends who were out and about last couple nights.

Know what I want most of all? To cycle far away to some seaside haven to clear the head. But the lives of friends, neighbours & strangers are far too valuable to risk for any 'want'. Agreed? Then stay home, stay local, and PLEASE do not travel to Scotland!

The amount of folk who are now doing as they wish because 'they've been unlocked down long enough' It's been 9 weeks that's all. You're no exactly suffering like wee Anne Frank who's family lived in a secret room behind a fucking bookcase for TWO YEARS !!!

may be over, beaches and parks full, but I am protecting my family because I dont trust this govt.

8,000 new infections a day and he's tweeting this. I don't understand anything our government is doing.

My family and I are staying home. My Daughter is going back to school in September. What you do is your business. But Tory England is corrupt, inept and rudderless. So think on.

Good morning all! Hot hot hot again! Need to definitely update my summer clothes 馃ぃ have a great Sunday all and stay safe 馃槝

Happy Saturday mofos have an awesome day! Catch some rays if you can! Stay safe 馃槝

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