Nurses and essential workers STILL don't have PPE to do their jobs safely. Please to help stop the spread of this deadly virus.

“The virus doesn’t understand boredom.” -Unknown It doesn’t care about it either. Pick up a hobby. Learn a language. Write your congressman. Register to vote. Fill the time somehow... at HOME.

Updated list of Orwellian terms born from the panic (thanks to my followers): • Social distancing • Contact tracing •   • Alone together • Essential vs Non-essential business • The new normal

Orwellian terms born from the panic: • Social distancing • Contact tracing •

🏡Gender equality starts at home. 📚Because of closures, home has become a school for many families. ✅Here are some tips for adding feminism to the curriculum!

Vintage from , is the Rolls Royce of all Speakers, can be used in a Closure or open areas like Central Park. and Stream Music like a BOSS.

A new week means a new challenge: Re-enact your favourite scene from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" for a chance to feature on our YouTube channel! Reply with your videos!

Out and about on the service from Aldershot to Ascot for the next few hours, then to Waterloo and back. Remember, only travel on public transport if your journey is essential and you have no other alternative means of travel. Please DO NOT travel for leisure

5 Songs Next Month Already Done With Thanks For Your Love And Trust Dear Friend ❣️😍 All 5 Posters Will Be Out Today Anytime !!!!!!! 😊 Get Ready 💋

Is conducting exams in college important than taking precautions against ..? (My personal view : conducting exams in this EPIDEMIC is against safety and a big support to .) If it is them exams should be conducted online.

Morning all. Thought since it's back to work after the long Bank holiday weekend, for most of us. Thought if do a joke to get us going for the rest of the working week. Hope everyone's raring to go. Stay safe.

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