Stac Pollaidh ('Steep Rock of the Pool'), one of Scotland's most recognisable mountains.

As young people, today we wanted to take the time to plainly share the importance of staying at home and following the nation specific guidelines. that's it! We will get through this together!

Some day we will come together again, where land meets open ocean 🌊 Where will you soak in your first west coast sunset? 🌅 📸 colmc_ [IG] 📍 Slea Head, Kerry

This is the reality. No the R isn't going down. No Covid-19 hasn't been scared away by common sense, pluck or being alert. We've got the highest death rate per million IN THE WORLD! Ffs . Ignore the Tories & stay alive

Tony Benn once suggested that we should constantly ask those who govern us the following questions: What power have you got? Where did you get it from? In whose interest do you exercise it? To whom are you accountable? How can we get rid of you?

Can we by the way just agree that us being angry with doesn't mean we can now also just stop giving a shit. We're angry for a reason. Keep doing what you do, . Doing what he did would void our anger and endanger other people, not just our own circle.

Day 73 of and I am delighted to report that my tomato (grown from a seed by yours truly) decided to bloom

Yesterday my sister-in-law used the term 'hard pants". I have embraced it fully, as in: "This is the 73rd consecutive day that I have not worn hard pants."

Another beautiful day 🌞 Working from home today with the balcony door open 💻 Plan to take my Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow and have a good long walk🚶‍♀️

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