In light of all the chaos and sadness, here’s a photo of Artemis being goobey🌸

Ewe ain't seen me. 👀 🐏 *Should not be in the hay meadows now, needs to grow a crop of grass to make winter feed*

“He could have carried her in his arms for a thousand miles, in his own two arms to a hundred graves and back again…” ("Wait Until Spring, Bandini" 1938)

Warm day again,😍☀️🌸🌷🌼💐🌺🌻🌹❤️ I like it will cool off some later in week. I do love ,Hapy girl here lol😉😊

Spring is in full bloom here in Indiana and my mom's bright flowers are amazing and bright. We don't get to see massive flowers like this very often when we're traveling so we're soaking in these awesome colors. If only Jenni's allergies were happy that it's spring 🤧

Saying goodbye to one of the pet lambs that we adopted onto a yow. She still remembers being bottle fed & comes to me before heading out to the moor with her mother.

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