Now, more than ever, is there a need to focus on the emotional well-being of our families. It is OK not to feel OK.

It鈥檚 important to show empathy towards those around you and pay attention to their needs and wants.

Happy Monday Kiddos! The classroom website is updated with new , Mr. Tobin鈥檚 lessons, and Miss Tayla鈥檚 ! Go check it out and let us know if you need assistance!!!鈥

If you REALLY believe in you will NOT forget the orange area which highlights . You must be able to show empathy & understanding for your Black students & families who are victims of prejudice and racism, both in and in their communities.

The highs and lows of Numberella. Here, Sophie uses a Miss A Go on Aaron...to the amusement of all.

Loving my new SEL poster for my classroom. Helping students, and adults, target what they are actually feeling. Kitty not included, but still good for the soul :)

Social emotional learning and academic development are inextricably linked. matters. Character education matters. Educating the matters.

Going to record some read alouds for my students with these books!

This is a fantastic visual. I hope all my educator friends will use the summer to rest, recharge and rejuvenate!

If we are going to teach . Please focus on every aspect. We need courageous conversations in our schools.

presence of emotional triggers embedded in the information we consume is one of the reasons 鈦鈦 and I believe MUST include . And yet, teaching kids to recognize and manage those triggers is rarely a component of news and info...

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