We kept our since March 15, that鈥檚 11 weeks. No problem, we know why we鈥檙e doing it. But on the day the terraces reopened with strict rules regarding the 5 ft distance, this is happening in . Next week they鈥檒l be clapping for medical staff again......馃槫

Our staff using or social distancing floor markings to make sure we are training in the safest possible way! 8-10 staff per room and all keeping 2m apart! Our SLT and staff are truly dedicated to keeping everyone safe and preparing to welcome some pupils back!

Went to the shopping centre for the first time in ten weeks. "New normal" rules and regulations in effect. Bought fixer spray for the NHS portraits, so please let me have your office address :)

I know everyone is dying for things to go back to normal...but my patients are still LITERALLY DYING from COVID. I wish y鈥檃ll could take a walk down the halls of my unit and see the horror we are enduring every day. Please continue to .

Hey, people have now being removed from the vulnerable list, these people are at risk. Those who have immune and respiratory conditions. Please if you are going to ignore lockdown. I beg you to

!SOCIAL DISTANCE! Although it may seem like they was social distancing, letting your child run around is not. The little children was free to move and get as close as they wanted to other families.

Even in our posts we want to keep our distance, let鈥檚 change and follow sanitary measures

These are desperate times Mrs. Lovett, and desperate measures must be taken !! Sondheim in quarantine I hope you enjoy it 鈾ワ笍 (full song here)

Former babysitters put on a movie last night for kids in neighborhood

Gratitude for Edinburgh - turning it up a notch today 鉂わ笍 stay safe

饾棳饾椉饾槀 饾榾饾棶饾槅 饾槅饾椉饾槀 饾椀饾棶饾榿饾棽 饾棽饾槂饾棽饾椏饾槅饾椉饾椈饾棽 饾棶饾椈饾槅饾槃饾棶饾槅... 饾榾饾椉 饾椊饾椏饾椉饾槂饾棽 饾椂饾榿. 鈫 饾槼饾槮饾樀饾樃饾槮饾槮饾樀 饾槯饾槹饾槼 饾樅饾槹饾樁 饾槩饾槾 饾槩饾槸 饾槩饾槸饾槳饾槷饾槩饾槶 饾槫饾槼饾槹饾槾饾槾饾槳饾槸饾槰 饾樂饾槳饾槶饾槶饾槩饾槰饾槮饾槼 鈾 饾槶饾槳饾槵饾槮 饾槯饾槹饾槼 饾槩 饾槬饾槷

With museums and attractions slowly opening again all around the world, 鈥檚 shows us how to practice proper at the National Museum of Modern And Contemporary Art in Seoul. 馃彌 And we are loving it! 馃槏

Thank you Phil, for working freight and all you do every night with integrity and in down time packing down paint馃憤馃憦 keep up the great work sir!!! Thousand Oaks store 6662!馃挭馃徑 – at The Home Depot

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