Randomized Shop Day Pics. Put together a new shelf for the molding chemicals. Also revising one of the first FX gags that I was on crew.

Spy giving us some helpful input as to how the shop should be run. Curiously a lot of the suggestions seem to involve catnip?

Caught my coworker sleeping on the job today. Work ethic these days just isn't the same! 😹

The boys are lazing around on the first day of 😽 I am filling orders and answering questions. Lovely day at EBN! Miss y’all!🥰 . . .

Everyone that comes by the shop and can name one of our 2 (former) shop cats gets a free 3" Torbie Death Ray holographic sticker. @ 718 Cyclery and…

Our first ever Art CATS of the Month! Kiki Smith and Alice Neel of Pygmalion's Art Supply in Bloomington grace their customers, and us, with meows, purrs and sage advice.

Here is Floufie with her identical twin Willow, aka Trash Kitty, who is SO cute with her paw under her chin @

Kit Kat is the shop cat at a mini-market next to a cafe where I write. Today making sure everyone pays at the meter.

This evening, Jackson warmed himself by the forges, in his usual spot. But can you spy our timid shop cat Nora, who bravely decided to join him this evening?

Zed is over seeing the shop today! We are open till 5, feeding folks traditional leftovers and salting the walkway.

We’re all heartbroken to hear the passing of Rainbow Bridge is a whole lot brighter today tho. Safe travels to the clearing at the end of the path sweet girl. 😿🌈

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