I was at a bus stop in downtown today and 2 cops pulled up and asked one black man about his “suspiciously” large suitcase. Then, they harassed another black man sitting at another bench, cuffed, searched, and arrested him. All in 3 mins. Cops are terrorists pass it on.

Don’t shame us, street art, these are tough times.

Man attacks Asian couple in shouting 'it's all your fault' DETAILS:

Saw an empty dock, so I busted out the red umbrella for another addition to the photo series. *Umbrellas should only be used as photo props in

Not only am I a victim of identify theft because of but I also had Coronavirus. He fails to protect me at every turn. It’s almost as if he’s worthless. Go figure.

Today in I saw a high school aged kid wearing a hoodie that said “Jesus is my savior and Trump is my President.” 💥 There is hope for my city yet. 🇺🇸

Good Morning, ! Sunrise this morning was cloudy, but colorful!

Space Needle and Mount Baker on a clear evening last weekend.

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