Our “Nook” space is now available for rent as a private office! This space fits up to 4, and furnishings are flexible depending on preference. We also have a 10 person office available, and will have additional spaces with varied capacity in the new year! DM us or email [email protected] to inquire 😊 #sqismyhq   #privateoffice  

There are two great things about this picture - a little motivation to push you through to the end of your Tuesday, and a nice Summer flashback to help you forget about the cold weather! 🥶🥶 #sqismyhq   #getgoing  

We’re ready for the holidays - are you?! Book your office holiday event with us - link in bio! #sqismyhq   #happyholidays  

Some Tuesday motivation for everyone out there on their way to the top of their own mountain! Do you agree or disagree with this quote? #sqismyhq   #motivationalquotes  

From all of us at Office Square - have a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween!! #sqismyhq   #happyhalloween  

One of the many awesome features of our HIVE space is that it can be configured in a variety of ways, for a wide range of meetings and events! Check out this classroom style setup that we did for a client last week 😊 #sqismyhq  

Each social media platform has its own value and importance, but running multiple accounts can be difficult if you don't have the time, resources, or knowledge to manage them correctly! If you are only able to choose 1-2 platforms to focus on, it is important that you choose the best ones for your business and brand. In this infographic, you can see the top performing industries on 4 top marketing platforms. Which one do you find the most effective for your own brand and marketing efforts? #sqismyhq   #workhack  

Some people find it helpful to write out their short term and long term goals, so that they can come back to them and keep track of their progress! How do you keep track of your goals? #sqismyhq   #goals  

“Make it Happen” and hold your next company training session at Office Square! Our Hive space holds up to 40 guests, and includes a display screen with wireless connectivity, a coffee station with mini fridge and complimentary beverages and snacks, access to printing and scanning services, and of course, the inspirational whiteboard you see here 😄 Book your free tour today at the link in our bio! #sqismyhq   #makeithappen  

Book of the Month for Entrepreneurs! The Lean Startup by Eric Ries outlines a contemporary approach to building and managing startup companies and launching new products. In the book, Reis explores ways to create companies that are more capital efficient and resource effective based on his own past experiences with launching business and inspired by lean manufacturing practices. The book offers an alternative to building elaborate business plans through consistently testing, adapting and adjusting the company vision. Innovation methods are explored that are not only valuable for startups, but also for established organizations looking for methods to increase growth. #bookofthemonth   #SQismyHQ  

What are some of the awesome benefits of switching to a coworking space? 1. Increased Productivity: It’s easy to get distracted when working from home, or at a busy coffee shop! Coworking spaces make it easier for you to get down to business, and helps maintain a sense of work structure for those who do not work in a traditional office, while maintaining flexibility in schedule. 2. Increased Professionalism: No more taking meetings in coffee shops or in your living room! Clients are more likely to take you seriously if you meet with them in a professional work atmosphere. 3. Community: This is a huge one! Not only does coworking decrease loneliness, it also expands your network and allows you to connect with like minded individuals that can help you grow and expand your business! What are some of your favourite things about coworking? #sqismyhq   #coworking  

#Happy   motivationmonday! Failure can be a great opportunity to learn and grow - it’s all about perspective! #SQismyHQ   #inspiration  

We all know how important fitness is for a healthy body and mind. But did you know fitness can also do wonders for your concentration? Exercise has been shown to increase productivity, improve memory, and sharpen focus. Sounds like the recipe for a great work day! That’s why we’re so excited to announce our partnership with @fitness365_tdot, a beautiful gym and exercise facility located RIGHT NEXT DOOR to Office Square! All Monthly Hot Desk Members will get access to discounted membership rates at the gym. For more information, you can contact us at [email protected]! #SQismyHQ   #etobicokefitness  

Our Grand Opening party was a wonderful success! We had a fantastic time listening to the Latintrain Trio, eating the delicious food, and chatting with all of the amazing guests. Thank you to everyone who joined us on this exciting occasion! You can find a complete album of photos from the event on our Facebook page 🥂😊 #SQismyHQ   #celebration  

Bring your business card to our Grand Opening party on August 26th and enter to win one month of FREE Hot Desk space!! Registration and event details at the link in our bio 😁 #sqismyhq   #freebies   #grandopening  

Some Mondays you need an extra push to get going, so here’s some mondaymotivation to fuel your hustle! This week is our OPEN HOUSE week, so come in and say hello at any time between 9 AM and 5 PM Monday - Friday. You can also book Hot Desk or Meeting space FREE OF CHARGE using the discount code SQUARE - link to our website in bio. And don’t forget to register for our grand opening party on August 26th at 6 PM! You can do so at the link in our bio. #SQismyHQ   #riseandgrind  

“The Hive” is our vibrant and colorful CoWorking and Hot Desk area! It’s the perfect place to chat over a warm cup of coffee, brainstorm and connect using our giant “Make it Happen” white board, or choose one of our desk options to get down to business. And it can be rented for events! The Hive is one of the resources you can check out during our Free Week next week – pop in any time between 9 AM and 5 PM Aug 19th and Aug 23rd, or head to our website to secure free desk or meeting space using the discount code SQUARE. #SQismyHQ   #thehive  

Networking is a crucial part of both business and personal success! Here are a few tips on how to streamline your networking strategy. 1. Choose the Right Venue and Event – and think outside the box! Often, attending events in industries adjacent to your own helps to expand your network outside of the groups you would commonly associate with, and opens the door for new knowledge, connections and opportunities! 2. Be Prepared and Do Your Research – Have your introduction prepared, and formulate your pitch so that it’s natural. Know what questions you want to ask, and if you are targeting specific individuals or groups, do your research and come with key talking points related to their experience or background. 3. Make Genuine Connections – Try to focus on having valuable conversations, rather than immediately trying to sell or ask for help. People are more likely to respond positively if you come across as sincere. 4. Offer to Help – Networking is a two-way street! If you are seeking help or guidance from someone, try to consider how your network and connections can help them in return. 5. Follow Up – Be sure to reach out to the individuals you networked with to follow up and stay connected. Even if an opportunity isn’t presented to you right away, by reaching out and staying in touch you will be more likely to be top of mind when a relevant opportunity comes to your connection’s attention! Looking for a great opportunity to network? Our Grand Opening party is less than 2 weeks away on Monday, August 26th from 5:45 – 8 PM. Link in bio! #SQismyHQ   #Networkingtips  

Reminder: Our FREE WEEK is fast approaching! From August 19th – 23rd, we are offering all of our services completely FREE OF CHARGE (excluding event space rental) – so come in and try out our HOT DESKS or MEETING ROOMS and let us know what you think! Book online at officesq.ca using the discount code SQUARE. #SQismyHQ   #etobicoke  

Is everyone rested and ready to seize the work week after their long weekend? I know I am!! #SQismyHQ   #riseandgrind  

Who says boardrooms have to be boring? Check out The Nest, our 1-14 person meeting room complete with whiteboard, display screen with wireless conferencing abilities, and coffee station! The Nest is one of the resources you can book for FREE during our Beta week (August 19th – 23rd). Link in bio!! #SQismyHQ   #meetingspace  

We have EXCITING NEWS! We are opening up our space for a sneak peek FREE WEEK! That’s right – you can access all of our services (except for event space rental) at no cost to you!! Head to our website (link in bio) to book your hot desk or meeting space rental ASAP using the discount code SQUARE – we expect that we will fill up quick! #SQismyHQ   #freetrial  

The most fulfilling rewards come after hardwork and determination! Do you agree? #thoughtfulthursday   #thoughtoftheday   #SQismyHQ  

tbt our first event! We had a great time meeting the other building residents at 50 Ronson Dr, and learning how to use a defibrillator! #SQismyHQ  

Brainstorming is an awesome way to expand on and create new ideas and processes. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you have the best brainstorming session possible! 1. Create a perfect group: Make sure you have the perfect blend of diverse perspectives and expertise needed to guide your conversation. 2. Choose an awesome space: Pick a spot that has minimal distractions, and all the tools you need! (We recommend our “Nook” room here at Office Square😜). 3. Engage in a creative warmup: Make your team more comfortable, and get those creative juices flowing! 4. Ask focused questions: Prepare ahead of time and make sure you know what problem you are trying to solve. 5. Be open to new ideas: A brainstorming session should be a judgement free zone (but make sure you still challenge others, to avoid the ‘group think’ trap!). 6. Finish with actionable items: Make sure to come away from the session with some tangible next steps! Lastly, don’t forget to thank your team😄. Happy Brainstorming! #SQismyHQ   #tipsandtricks  

Introducing the Office Square team! This is Maribel Woit, our President, and Lisa Graston, our Business Development Manager, in the coworking area of our space. We call it ‘The Hive’ 😊. If you’d like more information, you can reach them at [email protected]! #ourteam   #SQismyHQ  

A little mondaymotivation to fuel your hustle this week! #SQismyHQ  

We are so excited to introduce ourselves! We are a vibrant and energetic coworking, meeting and office space business with a focus on community and the entrepreneurship ecosystem, located minutes from YYZ! You can reach us at [email protected] for more info. #SQismyHQ