BREAKING: Another unsafe intercept of Navy P-8 in international airspace above the Mediterranean Sea. This marks the third in two months. We expect nothing less than professional & safe interactions.

✈️ in 1913 the Russky Vityaz (Russian Knight), the world's first four-engine , took its maiden . Designed by pioneer Igor Sikorsky, the machine was so innovative that many people did not believe it could even fly.

"The world heard Mr. Haftar declare he was about to unleash a new air campaign. That will be mercenary pilots flying Russian-supplied aircraft to bomb ." - Gen. Townsend, AFRICOM commander ----- Release: Photos:

Good morning from the city where two great rivers meet! Can you guess the city and the rivers? 🤔 📷 Andrei Pugach

WhatsApp group messages on fire tonight... you know it just makes you look 👀 like a state right ?

A large military consisted of more than 30 armored vehicles and trucks was spotted today heading to Ain Issa, province, from Qamishli, .

Stolobny Island is an island on Lake Seliger in the Tver Oblast of about 10 km north of the town of Ostashkov

Su-57 tested new fuel tanks, 2nd pic old tanks. What differences do you see......

Some photos of the " Team" mercenary killed on the front lines in Tripoli. The name on the pack - Hunguz

: the body & equipment of a foreign fighter killed Friday by forces in Salah al-Din neighborhood in Tripoli. Features & the bank notes show he’s .

Hey The bots are in full swing behind this Jeff Sessions hashtag. They're easy to find. How about you find them and then block the bots from interefering in our elections.

🇷🇺 The 3rd frigate of project 22350 RFS ‘Admiral Golovko', a Admiral Gorshkov Class launched on Severnaya Verf ('Northern Shipyard') in on 22 May 2020.

Check out snipers train for undercover ops:

ambassador to UN first reaction when ambassador to UN showed a picture of a Russian Pantsir missile system that was found inside Wetya airbase south west of after it's fall.

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