New town in lockdown amid fears of surge. Suifenhe on border orders all housing/offices shut or strictly guarded. 1 person per family allowed out every 3 days with pass, state media say. Health code, temp check, mask required. 😓

On 16 March 2020 the Constitutional Court of gave their approval for amendments to the Constitution of Russia where is suppossed to be written the human rights and fundamental freedoms of Russian people. 1/4

Parl. of 🇱🇹 just passed a resolution, which: - emphasized respect for memory of participants of who fought ag. Nazism & other regimes; - condemned 's🇷🇺 disinfo campaign distorting history; - reaffirmed solidarity with strategic ally 🇵🇱.

Good night from...? Who can guess which city in is pictured here? 🤔 📷 Aleksandr Shishin

New shots of ’s SU-57, currently the most capable fighter jet in the world. Armed with hypersonic missiles and unrivalled maneuverability.

Fan Art! Thanks to Nika Novikova of St. Petersburg, for sharing this great art with us! !

While certain Western politicians & media are busy inventing mythical Russian threats against the backdrop of pandemic, 🇷🇺 simply... helps 🤝 Because it is the humane thing to do - a notion apparently incomprehensible to the said cynical Russophobes

366 years ago, on 6 April 1654 the Zaporozhian Host was taken under Russia's protectorate by Tsar Alexey I on the basis of Pereyaslav Treaty. This marked the 🤝 reunification of & 🇷🇺🇺🇦 (then known as Little Russia), marked a major milestone in

's state media claim that "according to sources" Boris Johnson is being put on a ventilator. They're either lying, or have some well-placed "sources."

See how rescuers save cat after gas explosion in Orekhovo-Zuevo

The Bora (northeastern katabatic wind) in the harbor of Novorossiysk, 🇷🇺 on 25th January 2010💨🌊

This type of community social monitoring reminds me more of (I can go on) but you see where I’m coming from. This isn’t how Americans operate - by the way, where in the Constitution is there a distinction between what’s essential and nonessential Judge?

China-Russia east-route natural gas pipeline It starts operation on 2th,Dec,2019,has transmitted 840 million cubic meter of natural gas to China by 25th,Feb,2020.And it starts from East Siberia,leave Russia from Blagoveshchensk,and enters China at Heihe city.

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