What’s the best thing you’ve watched during the ?

My face after I refresh Instagram and Twitter a million times a day...

During quarantine I finessed my first editorial as a signed model and shot for Victor Mag Brazil by myself with just my iPhone and a tri pod. Still don’t know how I did it but this how they turned out :)

Happy Tuesday Folks! When you still hate your hair! 🐶 Gotta love him!

A secret about me I’m a home body. I don’t like partying! I cook, clean and watch my fav shows. I’m a HIT a housewife in training. So I hate to say has been bliss to me. Is anyone else feeling this?

To be clear, every single person is tired of being in . However, we are doing it for those who are older, those who are at risk, and those who are first responders. To just chuck the rules because of needing a is breathtakingly selfish and will kill people.

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