Imagine everyday seeing unicorns at play Horses to ride make clippity clop sounds to their stride Colourful flowers a rainbows smile because your upside down for awhile faces in the clouds of all the clowns you did it before can do it again just stop and look one day

Hiya friends! My first collection came out yesterday, so I would like to do a to celebrate! Drop your book or blog links below, or just say hi! Rt, like, comment, and follow each other!

! ! ! Drop your , , , , , ... , , , We follow back! Bonus: Struggling with voice or vision? This kitten in the middle asked me to tell you, "Dare to be different."

Today, I cried. For the losses kind caregivers have inspirationally shouldered. For the trauma frontline workers have courageously endured. For the grief many communities have so bravely faced. Tears of emotion watering seeds of hope. Today, I smiled.

We are awake. We are drinking coffee. We are reading SUBMISSIONS because SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN! Hit us up while we have caffeine

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Today’s reading, ‘The Singers’ by Eavan Boland. I have just taken part in a Transatlantic Tribute to Eavan, during which former President, Mary Robinson, read this poem, which she quoted during her inauguration address in 1990 - “finding a voice where they found a vision”

A penny can save the hungry. In giving, you receive.. So give and save a life.

Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. It takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility. William Wordsworth

I'm going to do one of these and buy a bunch of books off the list and do two or three reviews so here's my best attempt at a c'mon share your stuff///. heck musicians too if you want!

To see without eyes in darkness I follow feeling each heartbeat guiding my way forward Seeing the invisible... what lives inside your soul where true beauty resides not tarnished by sight I close my eyes to truly see you what matters to me is felt, not seen

If it covers gestures snow and hail a perfect sky If the sea is blue and chaste and pure, bravely contains his ¿ Why did we lose something so ours, so inherent how is sanity ? Depleting our best treasure, nor hear I want the human to say that's a lie .

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We exist between worlds The microscopic environment    The cosmic dance From atoms to galaxies Despite the differences in size These worlds share properties And as the small support the large Everything is connected and alive

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