Just imagine if there would be a city planning that protects and takes care if its past in the city center. What an atraction that would be!

My ex colleague/old friend Avinash Dugar is running a Cafe 'La Gravitea' in India empowering DEAF boys & girls and opening another in , same as . He is doing great job for PWD empowerment. Let's support by following his Twitter handle .

in 1644, according to an unnamed Dutch map. Part of "murder and mayhem in 17th century " by that I've just started reading

After the Fall of on 17.4, a last resistance of former gov. soldiers continued to hold out at Preah Vihear temple. After several unsuccessful attempts, the succeded to capture the temple by shelling the cliff, scaling it and routing the defenders

Did you know in the Greek flag the blue represents the sea and the white represents the waves? 🇬🇷 Save 5% this weekend on all items in our new Greece category at

ACCU 🇰🇭 recently detained 11 shipments of COVID-19 tests. Increased trafficking in counterfeit, illicit & substandard medical products & diversion of legitimate products to smuggling networks, risk spreading the virus & denying access to those most in need.

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